Embankments in St. Petersburg

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For several years, an extensive collection of photos of embankments of St. Petersburg has accumulated, and there are many rivers in Venice of the North.
Palace Embankment
Home, of course, the Palace Embankment.
Palace Embankment

Palace Embankment. Palace Embankment, flooded with sunlight against the backdrop of a heavy, pre-storm sky.
Palace Embankment
Palace Embankment. Already under the final show of cartoons. Palace Embankment literally just washe In the background — the divorced Troitsky Bridge.

Palace Embankment
Palace Embankment. Morning bathing the waterfront. Photo taken in the morning on the Palace Embankment.

Night Palace Embankment
Night Palace Embankmen. Night Palace Embankment, with cars sweeping in the frame.

Embankment of the river Moika.

Fontanka. New Year's entourage of trees on the Fontanka.

Moika Embankment
Moika Embankment near Palace Square.
Moika Embankment
Moika Embankment.

Moika Embankment
The Moika Embankment, joyfully lit by the winter sun and the ice-covered river. Colorful buildings on the Sink and on the Fontanka always make me happy.

Fontanka Embankment

Fontanka Embankment. Not far from the place where the Fontanka flows into the Neva. Picture taken near the Summer Garden.


Moyka The Moika Embankment with the dome of the Kazan Cathedral visible in the distance.
Admiralteyskaya Embankment
View of the Admiralty Embankment and the Admiralty from Vasilievsky Island from the Palace Bridge.
Yellow Jet
Yellow Jet. Water bike on the waterfront and a rainbow.

Petrovskaya embankment
Petrovskaya embankment. On the way from the place of mooring of the cruiser "Aurora" to the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Admiralteyskaya Embankment
Admiralteyskaya Embankment. View from the Universitetskaya Embankment of the Vasilyevsky Island to the Admiralty Embankment, the Admiralty, the Senate Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Synod building, the monument to Peter I of the Bronze Horseman and the English Embankment.

Senate Square, the Bronze Horseman
Senate Square, the Bronze Horseman. The view from the Universitetskaya Embankment of the Vasilyevsky Island to the Senate Square, the building of the Synod, St. Isaac's Cathedral and the monument to Peter the Great "The Bronze Horseman. This photo is a sighting frame, a blank for the Panorama of the Admiralty Embankment

Kutuzov Quay
Kutuzov Embankment from the beginning of the Liteiny Bridge.


Monument to Kruzenshtern photo — St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
Monument to Krusenstern on the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment. A collection of photos of embankments of St. Petersburg replenished.


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