Belltower of a cathedral of Peter and Pavel and Botnyj the house

Belltower of a cathedral of Peter and Pavel and Botnyj the house photo - Churches and cathedrals
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04.07.2008  19:18

In territory Peter and Paul Fortress. A belltower Peter and Pavel`s cathedral and Botnyj the house.

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  • Belltower of a cathedral of Peter and Pavel and Botnyj the house
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baroque  Baroque architecture on a photo.


Botnyj the house  Small building between Peter and Pavel`s cathedral and the Mint. It is built for storage boat Peter I (nowadays is in the Naval museum). The major monument marking a boundary of transition of Russian architecture from Baroque style to classicism. Costs on figured on an outline in respect of a three-stage ... →


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Present Peter and Paul cathedral is built on a place of the initial wooden. Is the central dominant Peter and Paul Fortress and the spike is visible from many points in the centre St.-Petersburg. In a stone cathedral the — wooden spike has suffered ... →


Peter and Paul Fortress  From it originates a city, and a name to Northern capital too is given originally to a fortress St.-Petersburg. Date of the basis of a fortress considers on May, 27th 1703 year, and this day the City Day is marked. It today even in official publications: ... →


Petropavlovka  After defeat of the Swedish fortress the Nienschanz built at a confluence in Neva the rivers of Okhta (opposite to that place where Smolny is nowadays located), Peter I on May, 16th 1703 has put a new fortress more close to the sea, ... →


St.-Petersburg is based in 1703 to year.

coast of the Neva delta from of old were a part of the earths of Great Novgorod. Neva — one of sites of an ... →



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