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Kunstkamera, as it is known, is the very first museum of Russia. The emperor Peter I, having based a museum and personally having begun the basic exposition, has punished to confidants and the misters who are going abroad, to buy and bring overseas wonders. The building is on university quay Vasilevsky island, is direct near to ensemble Arrows, adjoining the Southern Warehouse.

facade of Kunstkamera. The drawing.
Fasad Kunstkamera. The drawing.

building belongs to number of few well remained monuments — of early Petersburg architecture. Consists of two outwardly identical — cases united by a three-storied tower which character is cast by the Moscow tower constructions of a XVII-th century. Facades — are processed characteristic the then by shovels and painted — in two colours.

cut of a building of Kunstkamera. The drawing.
Cut of a building of Kunstkamera. The drawing.

in 1747 to year Kunstkamera has suffered from a fire, but in 17541758 years is restored (the architect S.I.Chevakinsky). Thus have not been recreated the top circle of a tower with dome end and intricate pediments of extreme projections. In such kind of Kunstkamera stood two hundred — years, and only in 19471948 years its tower has been restored in an original form (architect R.I.Kaplan-Ingel).

Kunstkamera at night

Zdanija Kunstkamera and the former Customs, topped with towers, are symmetrized in relation to a composite axis Strelka V.O. and, flanking it, finish an ensemble panorama.

presently it is Institute of ethnography of a name of N.N.Mikluhi-Maklaja and M.V.Lomonosova`s Museum.

(university quay, the house 3; architects G.Matarnovi, N.Gerbel, G.Kiaveri, M. Zemtsov, 17181734)

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