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Series of photo «Palace Square» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 122 pix Pix Palace Square from trip.


Main square St.-Petersburg.
It is surrounded Winter palace from the north, General Staff from the south and a building of a staff of the Guards case from the east. On the centre will erect Aleksandrovsky pillar.

Palace Square — a forum of Russian revolution. Here there were — tragical events on January, 9th 1905 when the imperial government has shot peace procession of workers. On October, 25th 1917 From here the — armed revolutionary groups on storm Winter palace in which result Winter was have moved — is taken, the Time bourgeois government — is deposed and by that revolutionary revolution in Russia is finished.

inscription testifies to this historical event on the memorial — board strengthened on the western facade Winter palace at quay — of Neva.

Palace Square — one of perfect architectural ensembles — of the world. The planirovochnaja composition, unity of scale, a rhythm and proportionality of buildings define harmony of the ensemble — created by efforts of architects of two stylistic epoch — baroque and classicism.

Basic construction on the area — Winter palace on which the — bow-shaped facade General staff is opened­. As a vertical dominant the Aleksandrovsky column serves . From the area the effective prospect on Admiralty reveals. Between its east facade and a facade ­Winter palace the Spit of Vasilievsky Island is well visible . The sight in depth of the Admiralty avenue stops on the — Arena portico­. The western wing General staff flanking the beginning Nevsky prospect.

Unforgettable prospects open from several specific points: along the Winter flute aside Neva under a transition arch in Hermitage — theatre, through a portico of the New Hermitage, from under the Staff arch — on Palace Square, in a gleam between Winter palace and Admiralty — on Palace bridge and Vasilevsky island.

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