Airborne Forces Day in St.-Petersburg

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Airborne Forces Day in St.-Petersburg, 2015. Palace Square, Millionaya street, Suvorov's square and Mars field. Photos a lot! Have gone:

Hand shake

Cadets formation

Cadets formation.

Cadets formation  — future Commando before the General staff arch
Cadets formation — future Commando before the General staff arch.

Photos for memory, against a formation of cadets
Commando are photographed for memory, against a formation of cadets.

Selfie with cadets
Selfie with cadets.


Airborne Forces Day
Greetings to best Russian photographer Alexander Petrosyan! Abbey Road, in some approach:)

Young commando
Young commando.

Growing up десантура
Growing up десантура.

About a parachute
About a parachute.

Airborne Forces veteran
Airborne Forces veteran. «The grandfather to me: here that you here photograph me? And you know how many to me of years? 80!» Well, it has been told mildly:) And nearby the turn with the veteran was going — to be photographed.

White armored troop-carrier
And here, suddenly for me, on Palace Square has appeared an armored troop-carrier. However, for some reason one (in last year was two).

an armored troop-carrier of commandoes on Palace Square
Armored troop-carrier as well as in last year, enjoyed wide popularity.

ver Palace Square
Someone over Palace Square started copter.

For a holiday to us has arrived the present live general of Airborne Forces.

 Tourist with a stick for selfie
Tourists, as well as last years, went nuts from such action.

Airborne Forces cadets
Series: a sight.

Commando on motorcycles
Who was tightened on jeeps, who — on motorcycles.

LiAZ. I and in last from it have shed a few tears to year. From a Trophy camouflage.

Selfie at square
Selfie at square.

Commando dog
Pets as at «parade».

Sluzhivyj on a bicycle
Sluzhivyj, unknown to me of combat arms.

Photographers on a roof of the bus of organizers
Photographers on a roof of the bus of organizers. Yes, the view therefrom should be impressing — all Palace Square striped, in blue berets and flags.

One of organizers through loudspeaker:
«3rd Guards Berlin division, come to the bus for a meeting with brother-soldiers.
Guards Pskov Division, come to the bus for a meeting with brother-soldiers.
Strange... Here it is written: „Dima the fool“»

Girls on the UAZ
Girls on the UAZ, a photo for memory.

Commando by a motorcycle
On Palace, generally speaking, to go without special passes it is impossible, but under mark of a holiday the militia did not disturb.

Column of cadets
Column of cadets. At the left — Alexander Petrosyan known to us.

Commandoes on Palace Square

Jeep «Wrangler»
Jeep «Wrangler», it is similar — one of organizers/heads.

Commandoes on the armored troop-carrier reservation
Commandoes on the armored troop-carrier reservation.

Photo with the general
General has tried to fade faster, differently it малышня on rags раздербанила. And adult десантура it had no objection to be photographed with the big rank.

About a Pekinese
About a Pekinese.

Commando with a Pekinese

Group has not noticed loss of the fighter
Group has not noticed loss of the fighter.

Procession of commandoes
Procession of commandoes.


Standard-bearers. The beginning of a column of procession of commandoes.

commandoes on the reservation
Commandoes on the reservation.


Photographers have densely stuck round a portico of the New Hermitage.

Inhabitants of houses on Millionaya street had happy possibility to observe procession of commandoes without leaving the house.

Tourist. Can and not the tourist, but a bicycle rented.

an armored troop-carrier of commandoes, procession on Millionaya street
Armored troop-carrier of commandoes, procession on Million from Palace Square on the Mars field.

an armored troop-carrier of commandoes
People on the reservation smiled, affably waved hands.

an armored troop-carrier of commandoes

Cadets and spectators

Cadets and spectators

Armored troop-carrier
Armored troop-carrier.

Photo against an armoured troop-carrier
Photo against an armoured troop-carrier. And the commando with "Kalashnikov".

Commandoes on the Mars field
This pair has stood, possibly for someone waited. And, without having waited, потопали to the centre the Mars field.

Commando with a flag
Cars were pulled towards 300 anniversary park without waiting the official part terminations on the Mars field.

Girl with flag ВДВ
The girl
And with this beauty we already faced flag ВДВ in last to year!

Black BMW with flag Airborne Forces

Mercedes with flag Airborne Forces

Begemotik in a stripped vest
On a cowl — бегемотик in a stripped vest!

a LiAZ вдвшников

Brother, take a picture of us!
the Brother, take a picture of us!

Commandoes with flags

As well as last year, all has passed grandly, easy. Anybody to anybody did not beat a muzzle. And the Water canal has providently disconnected fountains on all cent. According to investigation, steam пидорасов all the same have risked to appear on Palace, but commandoes at all have not paid attention to them. But attendants of an order have paid attention and have there and then tied.


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