St. Petersburg City Day

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On Bolshaya Morskoy, they recently put on a semblance of a fountain, so a young man was having fun getting up in it. Well, for what posed for the photo - thanks!

Dmitry Bulgakov, respond! I did not find you in the VC.

About horses

Since the Day of the City, then at the Palace Square was a double horse outfit (usually one horse).

Chinese women
Chinese women are photographed on the roadway Nevsky Prospect . On the City Day, traffic on the Nevsky was blocked. It is a pity not for the whole day.

Passers-by are photographed with a cartoon bear
On Nevsky Prospect, passers-by are photographed with a cartoon bear.

Passers-by are photographed on Nevsky

rists on Palace Square, photo on the memory
Tourists on the Palace Square, a photo for memory.

It seemed
Rubric: it seemed.

Funny little sculpture on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street
In conclusion - a funny little sculpture of a horse on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street (near DLT). From the Stable Market similar, but with fallen eggs.


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