Russian cities

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Photos: St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Voronezh and other cities on a photo. Pictures of monuments, buildings, city life and people, holidays and events.



St.-Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad, Peter. Short: SPb. I`m like Peter or Petersburg. The most beautiful city in the world! I have tried to embody the relation to a city architecture in photo.


In Moscow seldom I happen, and a few pictures. So — capital.


Photos of Voronezh In photo tried to embody city sights from most favourable side. And less stereotyped.

So: a photo of night Voronezh, city sketches, monuments and sculptures


republic Kareliya Administrative centre. Very much I liked this city. Very green, with accurate building and beautiful architecture. And quay of Onega — it is simple enchanting! Views and sights of Petrozavodsk.

Solovetsky Islands

Group of islands in the White sea. A monastery, the SLON and ancestor of the Gulag.


One of the oldest Russian cities. The Fortified city on river bank Great.


Fortified city of Izborsk — the key city, the first blow of the enemy taking up. Walls of a medieval citadel store traces of many wars.

Suburbs of Petersburg

Magnificent imperial residences: Tsarskoe Selo, Oranienbaum, Gatchina. A fortress Nutlet.


Fortress, is more than 1000 years protecting the western borders of Russia


the administrative center of the Penza region


Tver — one of the oldest cities in Russia, the administrative center of the Tver region


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