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Series of photo «Troitsky bridge» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 14 pix


In 1903 in honour of the city 200 anniversary has opened to year the most beautiful bridge — Troitsk (at the time of the Soviet union — Kirov). It was nicknamed by «Tryohfonarnym» because of unique fixtures. This bridge of the Russian-French friendship. It was built by the French firm of well-known engineer Ejfelja simultaneously with bridge Alexander II in Paris (the outline sketch of the French building society of «Batinol»). Amazingly that the bridge got divorced not as others in Petersburg — upwards, and segment turn sideways on 90 degrees. But after reconstruction in 1967 in connection with opening of movement of large courts on Volgo-Baltijskoi to river system (engineer G.M.Stepanov, architect Ju.I.Sinitsa), this mechanism has been altered and now one of the flights, the nearest in left the coast rises upwards.

through the bridge passes Pulkovsky meridian.

Before construction of the bridge of Alexander Nevsky — remained the most extended bridge in St.-Petersburg.

During war practically the bridge has not suffered, though repeatedly was exposed to aim bombardment. On a legend, under the Troitsky bridge Valery Tchkalov has carried out the impudent flight. Repetition of this flight has been carried out in 1940 to year by pilot Evgenie Borisenko for a film «Valery Tchkalov»

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