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Series of photo «Senatskaya Square» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 9 pix


Is renamed into the square of Decembrists in memory of revolt of revolutionaries of noble family on December, 14th ­1825 Before the area was called as Senatorial, on the Senate and Synod building. In Catherine II board the area has been renamed, named Peter the Great, but this name has not got accustomed. It was generated in first third of XIX-th century. It is opened on Neva that integrally includes it in building of quays. It is characteristic architectural — unity in style of classicism. Nowadays the historical name is returned the area: Senatorial. The area centre — a sculpture Bronze Horseman behind which the vast object Isaakievsky cathedral towers, at the left Senate and Synod buildings, on right — the western wing Admiralties. From a quay parapet the remarkable — panorama on Neva, bridges and quay of Vasilevsky island is developed­.

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