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Series of photo «Admiralty embankment» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 9 pix Pix Admiralty embankment from trip.


English embankment (Red Fleet) interrupts Senatskaya Square (Decembrists) and further proceeds as the Admiralty embankment. Its length — about semikilometer, is created in 1870 th years (engineer V.M.Karlovich­, S.S.Seljaninov). On it east and western pavilions ­Admiralties (A.D.Zaharov, 18061823) are turned­.

After removal of shipyard from Admiralties the territory of a court yard earlier opened to the river, has been divided into sites and sold. Here in the end of XIX century Have built bulky profitable houses, not scale in relation to the — Neva pavilions Admiralties and buildings of the Neva embankments dropping out of the general character. Five-floor bulks, insipid on the architecture, cover Admiralty, separating its tower from river open space.

architectural decor of the Admiralty embankment is characterised — by accurate drawing of lines of a granite protection and landing stages. The planted trees and shrubs esplanade (1870) gives it picturesqueness.

from the Admiralty embankment the wide panorama of building of University embankment on which — buildings are especially allocated reveals­. Kunstkamera, Academies of Sciences and the Menshikovsky palace.

From the Admiralty embankment at Senatskaya Square the view on Isaakievsky cathedral and «Bronze Horseman» opens.

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