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Series of photo «Palace embankment» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 29 pix


Palace embankment — the first on creation time. It is built up from Admiralties to the Post court yard (the Marble palace settling down on a place) by the end 1730 th Building of granite embankment — by extent of 1,6 km instead of the wooden it is carried out in 17631767 years. A granite broke out on Karelian isthmus and islands — of gulf of Finland and delivered in a city a waterway. — Master G. I. Nasonov supervised — over works.

From Palace embankment originate small till extents­, but exclusive embankments on art expressiveness — of the Winter flute (17831784), arches of the transition connecting Hermitage theatre with the Old Hermitage leaving under the beautiful arches. Protections from ashlar a granite on embankment of the Winter flute are taken out on granite consoles.

bridges along Palace embankment are built in 1760th It is Hermitage (through the Winter flute), Verhne-swan (through the Swan — channel), three-flying Prachechnyj (through Fontanka, at interface to Kutuzov`s emb.). Steep slopes of bridges, curvilinear outlines of descents to water with granite benches, smooth lines of congress to the river at the Winter flute with curbstones for moorings and chains bring a variety a — strict composition of granite walls of embankments.

Ensemble of Palace embankment outstanding constructions ­- form the — Winter palace, the Small and Old Hermitage, the Marble palace­, the former grand-ducal palaces and the private residences as a whole forming — unique building on art value.

from a building Winter palace the wide view on Peter and Paul Fortress — with a cathedral silhouette, on an Spit of Vasilievsky Island — with a building of the Naval museum and rostral columns reveals­­. The sharpness of emotional perception amplifies thanks to contrast between continuous monumental building of Palace embankment and wide space of the Neva water area.

palace embankment incorporates to Vasilevsky island Palace — bridge (engineer And. The item Pshenitsky, 19081914, a lattice — architect L.A.Noskov, 1930).

On the bank of Neva on Palace embankment, at Winter palace has been built in 1818 landing stage. In 1832 on it have established bronze sculptures of lions (sculptor. I. P.Prokofiev) and vases from the polished Swedish — porphyry. At creation of the Admiralty embankment and in connection with construction of the Palace bridge landing stage have disassembled and two — Palace and Petrovsky on Admiralty embankment, against each of pavilions have built Admiralties. On Palace landing stage have established — figures of lions on granite pedestals, and on Petrovsky — vases.

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