collection 6 photo

Series of photo «cruiser of I rank «Aurora»» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 6 pix


Cruiser of I rank «Aurora», is no time fighting ship as a part of the Baltic fleet, nowadays — a museum open-air, branch of the Naval museum. It is possible to rise on a deck, to lick cannons and rails, to put a nose in the internal premises which have been quite not bad finished under the presents. As a whole the can of the sample of 70th years of the XX-th century looks as the present cruiser in spite of the fact that is new business. It is doubtful what even to float it is capable :) not that what to go to swimming. Before a cruiser baraholno-souvenir trays on which sufferers can buy caps, magnets on refrigerators and nested dolls in assortment were stretched.

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