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Picture has gone right!
Chinese women get poisoned by fumes over a photo. Palace Square.

Glass — Details

Photo day, definitely. Has passed by, has returned, photo from a paunch without looking and has gone further. Ideas any were not, accident.

Hasn't got... A photo — Everyday life
Has not got...

Neva gate, photo — Peter, St.-Petersburg
The Neva gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

 Old hipsters

Style in clothes


Young lady in wetsuit

Monkey in the form of the Russian sportsmen

Young lady photographs the tablet of level flooding 1824 year
It is a pity, the killed photo... The Young lady photographs the tablet of level flooding 1824 year.

Mugs, Putin
Modern, mugs with Putin.

At the monument to Peter I, work of Shemyakin
At the monument to Peter I works of Shemyakin.

Foreigner in budenovka

Ioannovsky gate of the Ioannovsky ravelin
Ioannovsky gate of the ravelin with the same name.

 Take a picture of me as though summer
Take a picture of me, as though summer

Sun heats
Sun heats.

 Old roller

Girl with ears

Appreciate a photo!

Magnets on the refrigerator
All in gathering!

Nested dolls
Nested dolls

Sidewalk artist
Sidewalk artist. Mao is not present! I am indignant.

Street promoter the Burger King
Absolutely fierce street promoter of the Burger King.

Wax museum advertising
Wax museum advertising. From this simple installation all tourists are stunned.

Gold bus
Gold bus (!) expensively-richly!


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