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St. Petersburg

Alexandrovsky Park in winter
Alexandrovsky Park in winter

Summer Garden Grate

Grid of the Summer Garden in the rays of sunsets.
The whole embankment at this moment shines with gold

Summer Garden Grate
Lattice of the Summer Garden is considered to be the most beautiful architectural solution.

Updated Summer Garden
Updated Summer Garden.

In the festive backlighs.

Catherine II in Ostrovsky Square
Catherine II on Ostrovsky Square, the actual Kat'kin Garden, the Alexandrinsky Theater and the remnants of New Year's luxur

Summer garden photo from a helicopter
Summer Garden.
A shot in the direction of the bay, the Summer Garden and the Field of Mars. Engineer Castle.

Pulkovo Park
Church in Pulkovo Park.

Alexander Nevsky Lavra
Alexander Nevsky Monastery, photo from a helicopter, in the foreground is the Metropolitan Garden.

Tauride Gardens
Tauride Garden.



Throwing leaves
Throwing leaves.
The standard autumnal entertainment of young people is tossing leaves (until the evil wipers are removed.

Nikola marine
St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral (Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and Theophany) is the northern facade from the side of St. Nicholas Garden.


Lattice element of Alexander Park
Lattice element of Alexander Park.

Chinese bridge
Chinese bridge.
One of the Chinese bridges in the Alexander Park (New Garden), Pushkin.

Cross channel, birch
Cross channel, birchs. View from the Dragon Bridge in the Alexander Park.

Dragons Bridge
Dragons Bridge.
The fascination with China, characteristic of the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, was reflected not only in the pavilions of the Aleksandrovsky Park, but also in the three bridges of the New Garden, which were transferred through the Kresty Canal - Draconian, Greater China and Krestov

Discus thrower
A copy of the sculpture "Discoball Unlike the original attributed to Myron, this statue has differences: the most, perhaps noticeable, is that the head is down, not turned sideway.

The girl at the broken jug
The girl at the broken jug.
The fountain "Thrush", "Tsarskoye Selo statue" or "Girl with a jug" - the plot was J. La Fontaine's fable "Thrush, or Jug with milk". This is a copy, installed in 1990. The original is kept in the museum reserve, he miraculously survived the war and occupation, being buried in the ground before the arrival of the Germany.

Tower ruin
Tower-ruin with artificial hill and the Gothic gate. The most amazing structure of the Catherine Park, the creation of the architect Yuri Felten in honor of the victories of the Russian army in the Russian-Turkish war in 1768-1774. The building-monument was conceived as the remains of an ancient Turkish fortress, consisting of a giant tower and part of the fortress wall, cut through by an arcs.

Turkish sauna
Turkish sauna.
The last, by the time of construction, the pavilion in Ekaterinisky park of Tsarskoye Selo The Turkish bath is considered a replica of one of the churches of Andrianople, taken by Russian troops in 1828, in memory of that war, the pavilion was built. In the background - the Chesme Column - the memory of the victory at Chesma.

Turkish sauna
Turkish sauna.

Chesme Column
Chesme Column.
Majestic and strict column in honor of the glorious victory of the Russian fleet at Chesma.

Pavilion "Grotto"
Pavilion "Grotto" and the Cameron Gallery in the backgroun

Pond in Catherine Park
Pond in Catherine Park.

Arbor over the arch
Arbor over the arcs.

Ladder in the rock
Ladder in the rock.

Arch in the rock
Arch in the rock.
The so-called Big Caprice in Alexander Park.

Large and Small Whims artificial arches in the mount.


Marly Pond and Marly Palace
Marly Pond and Marly Palace.

Sector Pond and Marly Palace
Sector Pond and Marly Palace.

Neptune Fountain
Neptune Fountain.

Nymphs of the fountain "Samson"
Nymphs of the fountain "Samson" Grand Cascade.

Peterhof Lions
Peterhof Lions.

The perfect photo for Instagram: the diagonal, the pathos of the blunt composition, ass.


Yes, I am for emancipation.

River, bridge, steps
River, bridge, steps.
Behind the Gatchina Palace.

Dilapidated bridge
Dilapidated bridge.
One of the bridges in Gatchina Park.


And I'm in Soviet times, oh-oh!
And I'm in Soviet times, oh-oh
Four grannies on the bench. Autumn, Pavlovsk.

Bridge in the park
Bridge in the park
One of the bridges in Pavlovsk park (Pig-iron bridge). Not even at the height of the tourist season a lot of people walked around the park.

Boy without brakes and without brains. His parents are the same, because they did not make a remark.

Fountain Pavlovsky Music Station
Fountain of the Pavlovsky Music Station.
All that remains of the Pavlovsky music station.

Temple of Friendship
The Temple of Friendship is a pleasant pavilion in the style of classicism, built by Charles Cameron. A reciprocal gift from Pavel Petrovich and Maria Feodorovna to Catherine II, in gratitude for Pavlovsk land.

Cast iron bridge
Cast iron bridge.
Pig-iron bridge through Slavyanka river. The creation of Karl Rossi, a nice small bridge with interesting grilles and vases.

Temple of Friendship
Temple of Friendship.

Temple of Friendship
Temple of Friendship.

Cast iron bridge
Cast iron bridge.

Pig-iron bridge through Slavyanka
Pig-iron bridge through Slavyanka.

Centaur Bridge
Centaur Bridge.

Pavlovsky Palace
Pavlovsky Palace - view from the park.

Lion sculpture
Lion sculpture.
The poor lion went to World War II.

Alley of Pavlovsk Park
Alley Pavlovsky Park. In the distance - the sculpture "World".

Sculpture "Peace"
Sculpture "Peace".

Temple of Friendship
Temple of Friendship.

Viskontev bridge over the Slavyanka
Viskontev bridge over the Slavyanka in Pavlovsk parl.

View of the Temple of Friendship
View of the Temple of Friendship, golden autumn.


Pavilion Rollercoaster
Pavilion Rollercoaste.

There are many photos of squares, gardens, parks and in the cities of Russia A collection of photos of St. Petersburg will be update.


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