Arch in a rock

Arch in a rock photo - Pushkin
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05.07.2008  14:10

So-called Big Whim in Aleksandrovsk parke.

Big and Small Whims artificial arches in an embankment. On one of versions the empress Catherine II long fluctuated signing the considerable estimate on construction of these constructions, and, having signed, has told:«To be so, it is my whim».

Po other version Catherine the Great never declared in advance the departure from Tsarskoje Selo and left when it expected less only. For example went for a drive during stay in summer residence passing a guardroom, the empress was in the habit to order to the driver, in what direction to go, and consequently itself named, laughing, this point«the whim».

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arch  Archs. Bow-shaped overlapping which is a constructive detail of buildings, or simple an independent construction.


parks  Parks and gardens on a photo.


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