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For several years in St. Petersburg a lot of photos of lanterns have accumulated, a large collection.
Lantern on the Fontanka
Lantern on the Fontanka. Design element of the Lomonosov bridge over the Fontanka river. One of the oldest bridges in the city, and with an amazing design.

Lamp. One of the lanterns on Arts Square.

Lamp. In the festive backlight.

Lantern in the night
Lantern in the nighe. Lantern in the New Year's entourage. Picture taken on the Ostrovsky square.
Triple Bridge Grate
Triple Bridge Grate The bridge, which is a composition of three bridge. Territorially — between the Savior on the Blood and the former barracks of the Pavlovsky regiment.
Lantern at the beginning of the Little Konushenny Bridge
Lantern at the beginning of the Malo-Konyushenny Bridge, view of the corner of the Field of Mars.
Lantern on the Square of the Decembrists
Lantern on the Square of the Decembrists.

Lamp design
Lamp design. One of the lanterns on the Kutuzov Embankment. Elegant, I think, stylized tricolor.

Trinity Bridge
Trinity Bridge. Lanterns on the Trinity Bridgee.

Palace Bridge
The Palace Bridge, decorated with festive flags on the occasion of the City Day.

Lantern on St. Isaac's Square

A lantern on St. Isaac's Square near the monument to Nikolay I.

Lantern near the Mariinsky Palace
Lantern near the Mariinsky Palace. Lantern right next to the Mariinsky Palace.

Lantern at the "North Lira"
Lantern at the "North Lira". Snow-covered lantern over the entrance to the shop "Severnaya Lira" on Nevsky Prospect.

Lantern on the Square of the Decembrists
Lantern on the Square of the Decembrists.

Lantern on the Square of the Decembrists
Lantern on the Square of the Decembrist. Now the square returned it`s historical name: Senatskaya.

Palace Embankment
Palace Embankmen Already under the final show of cartoons. Palace Embankment literally just washed. In the background — the divorced Troitskiy Bridge.


Four lights
Four lights, Salt tow

Flashlight on the Griboedov channel
Flashlight on the Griboedov channel. Lantern on the bridge over the Griboedov Canal, next to ITMO.

Lantern on a sailboat
Lantern on a sailboat. A lantern on the mast of a sailboat moored at the Admiralty Embankment (Kronverk sailboat).

Lanterns on finban
Lanterns near the Finland Station. On Lenin Square in front of the Finland Station.

Lanterns The area in front of the Finland Station.

Lantern at the Smolny Cathedral
Lantern at the Smolny Cathedral. Elegant, austere lantern, near the Smolny Cathedral. A little shabby time (or feathered;)

Lantern on the territory of Petropavlovka
Lantern on the territory of Petropavlovk A lantern on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress, against a brick wall.

Is smoking
Is smoking. On the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress, such a lantern was caught. Association, as if smoking.

Lantern, brick wall, air conditioning
Lantern, brick wall, air conditioning. I was impressed that the air conditioners were “camouflaged”, matching the color of the brickwork of the wall of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Bridge lighting
Bridge lighting. Lighting 1st Engineer Bridge.

Lanterns along the Admiralty Embankment
Lanterns along the Admiralty Embankment, in the background - the building of the Synod.

Girl. Near the floating restaurant on the Neva. Pier at the Admiralty.

Three lanterns
Three lantern Lanterns on the pier of the restaurant, near the eastern descent to the Neva from the Admiralty

Hear flashlight
Hear flashlight. Lantern and loudspeaker.

Lanterns on the Trinity Bridge
Lanterns on the Trinity Bridge, view from the pleasure boat.

Lamp. View from the Jordan stairs to the corridor on the first floor.
Lanterns in the night
Lanterns in the night. Lantern and silhouette of the Kunstkamera. A collection of photos of lanterns in St. Petersburg will be replenished.


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