9th of May in Saint-Petersburg: holiday and the «Immortal regiment»

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The Victory Day in St.-Petersburg this time was the most mass than previous years. And anniversary — 70 years of the Victory. A lot of photo:
Cadet. After parade on Palace Square the part of military men and cadets has left by buses, and someone has dispersed on a city. I have meaningly passed parade, at all normally to look and on-photograph it would not be possible.

Lieutenant general

Lieutenant general. Judging by age it not the veteran, but at least have the award «For service to the Native land in Armed forces of the USSR» III degrees.

In helmet
In helmet.

In a soldier's blouse
In a soldier's blouse.

With a flag of Donetsk Republic
With a flag of Donetsk Republic.

Naval officer with a family and the Victory flag
Naval officer with a family and the Victory flag.

Boy on a traffic light
Best place to look parade — from this traffic light.

Nevsky prospectus
Nevsky prospectus. Here such crowds.

Anchor at Admiralty
Still good places — anchors at Admiralty. The square and parade it is not visible almost, but columns of technics from parade will pass directly near. These places occupy for 2-3 hours before the beginning.

Reenactors in the military form came across everywhere and all combat arms (though naval to me have got only on procession of «Immortal regiment»).
Reenactor in the form of the pilot
Reenactor in the form of the pilot, the captain of the Air Forces (the sample of 1943), passers-by with it were joyfully photographed, it was not against.

Red Army Major-gunner
Red Army Major-gunner in uniform till 1943.

Captain of motorized forces
Captain of motorized forces.

Girls in the form of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War
Girls in the form of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War go from parade.

Bicyclist in flight headset
Picturesque bicyclist in flight headset.

Parade of the ships on Neva
Parade of the ships on Neva.

«Urengoy» on parade of the ships
«Urengoy» on parade of the ships.

rnaments over Griboedov's channel
Most cool ornaments hung over Griboedov's channel.


And through some metres fervently were played two violinists.

Seller of flags
Seller of flags has competently got above to be more appreciable. And the competition at it this day was huge. Yes, by the end of day cost of flags has fallen from 200-300 roubles to 50:)


Small roller

Girl in a window

Beginning of procession «Immortal regiment»
Beginning of procession «Immortal regiment».

Beginning of procession «Immortal regiment»

Fronts standard
Reenactors with standard fronts.

Who from veterans could go itself — went with a column. Who could not — rode on UAZ and trucks.

Flags of divisions
Flags of divisions. I have not made out, but I assume that banners of divisions of the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts.


Сhildren in soldier's blouses
Сhildren in soldier's blouses.

Military pensioner
Lieutenant colonel. I doubt that the veteran, judging by age and a crackling pace.

Procession of the «Immortal regiment»

Procession of the «Immortal regiment». In a soldier's blouse and a helmet

«Immortal regiment»

Procession of the «Immortal regiment» on the Nevsky prospectus

Procession of the «Immortal regiment»
Flag of Novorossia has some times caught sight.

Procession of the «Immortal regiment»

Pilot, uniform WW II.

And one more. In parallel a column reenactors. To in parallel other procession went police, army and naval.

Boy in a groundsheet
Boy in a groundsheet. By the way it is more in groundsheets to me have not got.

 Old woman on a skateboard
Old woman on a skateboard. A theme!

All combat arms of times of the Second World War
All combat arms of times of the Second World War.

Military-historical club «Shtrafbat». Motorcyclists and Studebaker
Military-historical club «Shtrafbat». Motorcyclists and Studebaker. These devils this day already I meet.

Spectators in windows
From these windows it is good to look, below stamped crowd.


«Immortal regiment»
Passing by too has appreciated that all surnames different and has approached to take an interest, whether this all relatives. Has received the affirmative answer, from the man with the tablet.

Procession of the «Immortal regiment»
Attention on the right: 2 persons bear portraits of 12 (!) at war relatives.

Procession of the «Immortal regiment»

Мice-admiral. I stood near naval cadets.

«Immortal regiment» has shaken me. People went hardly more than 2 hours, occupying all Nevsky prospectus. If not paranoid cops, could make a shot from an alignment Nevsky then there would be an impressing picture of procession on all prospectus from Revolts square.


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Palace Square

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