9th of May in Saint-Petersburg: cars

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9th of May get out as the madwomen moulding towers of tanks on Mercedes, and reenactors on the historical restored technics. Both those and these go for a drive on a city with flags and songs of military years. We will begin with the last, with reenactors:
Willys MB, photo — 9th of May | the Victory Day
Willys MB.

Unlike Willys who has arrived under the own steam on Palace Square, Т-26 have brought on the wrecker.

Willys and reenactors

Motorcycle with stroller

Post-war GAZ-69.

Willys with a field-kitchen
One more Willys somewhere has vigorously dragged a field-kitchen. Like on the concourse of ancient technics was many.

Studebaker! To be stunned!

Studebaker and 3 motorcycles — reenactors from club «Shtrafbat».

Motorcyclist, photo — 9th of May | a Victory Day

Guards-major. By the way, at reenactors the above a rank, the above position in club hierarchy. At once to become the officer it is impossible. And if before you the whole colonel it is exact the head of club.

Motorcycle with stroller and a machine gun of Djagteryov
All they will participate later in procession of «Immortal regiment».




Column GAZ-69

As it seemed to me, this year such second-hand articles more than last years.

Motorcyclist with flags
At this motorcyclist was already the whole 3 flags. In general of cars and motorcycles with flags there was many.

And now — morons:
very doubtful self-public relations of the company with stupid name «Taxovichkov».

Mercedes with a victory flag

Mercedes with flags
Already with three!

BMW with a flag of a victory and a tank tower
BMW with a tower.

Mercedes with a tank tower
One more idiot. T-34, aha.

And now, the relish and clinic: Land Cruiser
The moron!!!

Gelandewagen and an award of a victory and a flag

Gelandewagen and an award of a victory and a flag
At me to all these morons only one question: who has won World War II? We with allies or Germans with Japanese?!


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