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Series of photo «Mauritius» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 61 pix Pix Mauritius from trip.


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Republic Mauritius — two large islands (Mauritius and Rodriguez) and a little small in a southwest part of Indian ocean, with capital in a city Port Louis. The island Mauritius has been open by Portugueses, is originally populated with Dutches, then passed at first to Frenchmen, then Englishmen. Nowadays, since 1968 — the independent state occupied by surprisingly affable people of various nationalities and religions. Nearby easy adjoin both the Chinese pagodas, and Hindu temples, both Islamic mosques, and Catholic cathedrals. A climate so pleasant (+20 — +30 all year long) that compare Mauritius to paradise. The French influence has appeared strong and on Mauritius two languages: English and French (the majority of the population speaks on both, and the majority of signboards and advertising is duplicated on 2 languages).

Except beach rest, the warm sea and the hot sun on island is and what to look: Falls (Rochester, Alexanders, Shamarel, the Tamarin cascade), for a long time extinct craters, huge national park, Mekka Hindus — a temple complex — Grand-Bazin (the second Ganges), zoos (Casela and Lja Vanilla), «colour sand», ancient factories (on extraction of sea salt, on manufacture of the rum well-known for the whole world, on sugar cane processing). Well, and except known sights, interesting artefacts, for example come across: a monument to Lenin (!) And an ancient aqueduct (both in Port Louis). Ancient fortification unless pair a three of towers, it is interesting posmotret.

Tak Is a pity few that Mauritius it would be quite possible to recommend island to visiting as the tourist. Tourists from Russia often come on island for the sake of a wind and kite, or a wave and surf — so with productive leisure too all is good. The prices for products almost same as in Russia (meat is more expensive also pork of doubtful quality, but seafood is much cheaper also excellent), fuel «bites», 70-80 roubles for litre, souvenir production and beer — from 100 rublej.

How to travel to Mauritius? Or plane (as a rule flights from Moscow and St.-Petersburg either through Paris or through Dubai). To fly long, from Paris, for example, almost 10 hours. Well or on the yacht :) As variant.

ZHilyo: on a choice — or to stop in hotel (from cheap to the most magnificent), or to remove the house/country house. The state tourist, a choice on постой the huge.

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