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Series of photo «Alexander Column» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 7 pix


Alexander Column — the central dominant of Palace Square. It is solemnly opened on August, 30th 1834 the Triumphal monument it is built in the Roman traditions, in memory of victorious end of Patriotic war 1812 the Column from the whole block of a red granite ­(height of a granite core — 25,58 m, weight from above 500 cost on a granite pedestal. A column foot hidden in the earth, are — 1250 pine piles bearing granite grillage. The highest in the world the similar construction (the general height 47,5) is topped by an allegorical — bronze figure of an angel (with a face Alexander I), trampling — on a snake (sculptor B. I. Orlovsky).

On a pedestal bronze bas-reliefs (sculptor. P.V.Svintsov, A. Leppe), executed under D.Skotti`s sketches. In their composition — a military armour — and allegorical figures of the Victory, the World, Wisdom, Abundance, the rivers of Neman and Vistula. Column lifting in vertical position with the help capstans forces of 2000 soldiers and 400 workers has occupied 1 hour of 40 minutes. It was one of the largest technical achievements for the time in the field of building.

granite column on a pedestal without nails and the moment is established, to it townspeople began to reflect at once: when it all the same will fail. On the contrary, even blockade and volleys of «Berty» has endured and pleases to this day.

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