Harley Davidson Days in St.-Petersburg

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On Palace Square has passed show of bikers Days Harley Davidson. Bikers from all Russia and countries of Europe have gathered on Palace Square and an amicable column have defiled on Nevsky prospectus to Ostrovsky's Square.

Girl on bike
Girl on bike.

Bikers on Palace Square

Bikers on Palace Square.

Bikers on Palace Square

Red bike
Red bike with red flag of the USSR.

Motorcycles on Palace Square
Palace Square on perimetre has been forced by various two-wheeled technics.

Tritsikl of bikers
And not only two-wheeled!


Silvery tricycle
Silvery tricycle.


ld man on bike
Old man has surrounded the people and any hipster interviewed.

Bike-girl in viking helmet
Bike-girl in viking helmet.


Bikes on Palace Square

Girls on a motorcycle

Bikers whether
From Spain man? Judging by an inscription on a T-shirt «Alkatras» (fortress in Toledo).

Girl made selfie
Girl made selfie against motorcycles.

Bikes on Palace Square

Photo with bikes
Passers-by and tourists strove to be photographed with each motorcycle.


Photo with bikes

Photo with bikes

Krasnodar bikers
Krasnodar bikers.

Tourists photograph sights. And against bike.

On Palace
Other tourists entertain, in the meantime, themselves photographing against sights of the area. Ekaterina brings a make-up.

Three athletes
Three athletes.

Before start
Before start.

Before start

Have gone!
Have gone! Young ladies are photographed against a column of motorcyclists.

Peter I

Column of bikers on Nevsky prospect
Column of bikers on Nevsky prospect.

Motorcycle of traffic police and a column of bikers on Nevsky prospectus

In a column went also motorcyclists of traffic police.

Bikers on Nevsky prospectus
Bikers on Nevsky prospectus.

Biker welcomes a column of colleagues
Biker welcomes a column of colleagues

Passenger of the bus
Passengers of buses poured out on street and were put out in windows.

Passengers of the bus
Conductor too!

Bikers on Nevsky prospect

Passers-by photograph a column of bikers
Passers-by photograph a column of bikers on all that is near at hand.

Bikers on Nevsky prospect

Bikers on Nevsky prospect

American retrocar
American retrocar.

Biker, Ostrovsky's Square
Last bikers come on Ostrovsky's Square. This with European Union numbers, from apart to us has welcomed. The Austrians, Estonians came across to me.

daughter, show a goat!
Daughter, show a goat! Here so!
At the little girl something did not develop.

« Charged
Dodge Challenger Darth Vader.

Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang.

Motorcycle with stroller
Motorcycle with stroller.

A-la old American fire-engine
A-la old American fire-engine.

Pedestal with a motorcycle
Pedestal with a motorcycle, the people climbed joyfully up and photographed.

Nano ice cream
Suddenly — Nano ice cream!

 Officer of traffic police explains to children of traffic regulations
Officer of traffic police explains to children of traffic regulations.


Self-made bikes
At some distance, in the street Architect Rossi, there was an exhibition self-made bike.

Self-made bikes

Bike — installation from metal

Photo with American truck

Selfi with American truck

Self-made bikes

Scene on Ostrovsky's Square
On Ostrovsky's Square stood a scene from which any group sang another's hits, everyones there AC/DC and other Manowar.

Photo with bikes

Skating rink and an autoboat
Skating rink and an autoboat. Well and a catfish festival have unrolled for some days, various actions were both during a weekand on Sunday.


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