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From traveling around the cities of Russia, a fair amount of photos of parks and public gardens have accumulate


Monument to the Sofia Regiment
The monument to the Sofia regiment in the Lopatinsky garden is one of the symbols of Smolensk

Monument to the defenders of Smolensk 1812

Monument to the defenders of Smolensk in 1812 in Lopatinsky garden In the background is a monument to the Sofia regiment

Monument Lopatin
Monument Lopatin, the governor of Smolensk, who organized this garden for citizens. The grateful Smolenians immortalized the governor as a monument and named the garden in his honor.

Lopatin welcomes visitors to the garden at the entrance.

Blonie's Garden
Blonie's Garden
Besides the fact that Smolensk is a very green city, there are also many parks with fountains, benches and very attractive lanterns.

Monument deer
Monument to the Deer Garden Blonie The monument is old, in 1910, although at first glance it looks modern.

Memorial Park
Memorial Park (Warriors-Internationalists Park).

Pioneer Park
Pioneer Park and the sculpture "Scorched Flower" - children who died in the war. Unusual for a provincial town monument (too innovative and cool).

Monument to Gagarin
Monument to Gagarin
Yuri Gagarin is a Smolyanin, which is why there is a monument. This one stands in Gagarin Square at the eponymous avenue.

Bench and lantern
Bench and lantern in Lopatinsky garden In the main park of Smolensk fantastically beautiful lights. A mainly diverse non-recurring subject But the benches frankly miserable and uncomfortable.

Great idea - the orchestra of street lamps. Simple and very attractive.


Monument to Peter I

Monument to Peter I.

Koltsov Square
Koltsov Square
Fountain in Koltsovsky Square.s

Koltsovsky Square in winter.

In the park "Orlyonok".

Alley Koltsovsky Square
Alley Koltsovsky Square.
Koltsov Square in Voronezh authorities noticeably ennobled, restored lanterns, set up benches.

Monument to Bunin
Monument to Ivan Bunin in the square of the same name, opened in 1995. The installation of the sculpture marked the 125th anniversary of the birth of the writer, Nobel laureate, born in Voronezh.

Koltsov Square
Koltsovsky Square.
Well, it is very cool, I remember perfectly broken lanterns and rare urns.


Monument to Russian Germans victims of repression
Monument to Russian Germans victims of repression in the park of the 50th anniversary of the Victory.

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin in Ufa is located in Lenin Square on Lenin Street (surprising, yes?).

Fountain "Seven girls" in the Theater Square on Lenin Street.

Monument to Zagir Ismagilov
Monument to composer Zagir Ismagilov in the Theater Square. On the left, a man photographs his wife amid flowers.

Pedestrian alley
Pedestrian alley on Lenin street with modern avant-garde sculptures.


Golden marathon runner
Sculpture "The Golden Marathon Runner", address: Omsk, Red Way Street (almost opposite to the Assembly.

Assumption Cathedral
The Assumption Cathedral (the full name of the church is the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Blessed Virgin and Virgin Mary Mary), built in 1891 - 1898. Divine services were stopped in 1923, the bells were removed in 1933, the church was blown up in 1935 Orthodox Assumption Cathedral was built again in 2005 - 2007 on the old foundation and according to the old drawing.

Sculpture "Deer" (address: Omsk) in a park on the corner of Internatsionalnaya and Red Way street.

Tsar Liberator
Tsar Liberator, probably the remainder of the monument to Alexander I.

Church Shop
Church shop, near the Assumption Cathedral, Omsk.

Penguin Feeding Children
Children feeding penguins, address: Omsk, Pioneer Square.

Victims of political repression
Monument to the Victims of Political Repression, address: Omsk, Pavlik Morozov Square.


Memorial sign on the site of the first cinema Novonikolayevsk
A memorial sign on the site of the first Novonikolayevsk cinema, founded in 1908 by Fedot Faddeevich Makhotin. Address: Novosibirsk, Lenin Square.

Beast musicians
Funny animal musicians in the park at the intersection of Karl Liebknecht and Pervomayskaya street.


View of Kazan and the Palace of Landowners
View of Kazan and the Palace of Landowners (the majestic white building in the center), on the right the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is completed.


Mushrooms with eyes
Sculpture "Mushrooms with eyes" - the most fun sculpture in Ryazan.

Chapel in honor of the 900th anniversary of Ryazan
Chapel in honor of the 900th anniversary of Ryazan.

Alley in the Cathedral Park
Alley in the Cathedral Park, Ryazan.

Art object
Art object "Balloon"
In 1731, the clerk of Kryakutnaya allegedly made the first balloon flight in history, to which the composition is dedicated.
Upper City Park (Natashin Park), Ryazan.

Monument M. A. Ulyanova and Volodya Ulyanov
Monument M. A. Ulyanova and Volodya Ulyanov.
Upper City Park (Natashin Park), Ryazan.

Monument to Pushkin
Pushkin monument in the park of the Palace of Creativity.

Monument to Sergius of Radonezh
Monument to Sergius of Radonezh, Cathedral Park, Ryazan.

Antiaircraft gun
Antiaircraft gun.
The 85-mm anti-aircraft cannon of 1939 on the pedestal - to commemorate the military achievements of the soldiers of the Cherepovets-Vologda divisional air defense zone.

Monument to the poet N. M. Rubtsov
Monument to the poet N. M. Rubtsov, installed in the square near the house of Peter I.

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin in a children's park next to Revolution Square, Vologda The scale of Ilyich 1: 1, for which the people nicknamed "Little Lenin".

Souvenir fair
Souvenir fair, Vologda, Trade Square.

Bird talker
Sculpture "Bird-govorun", Vologda, Trade Square.

Muse with pipe
Sculpture "Muse with pipe".

The letter
The letter "O"

And yes, from this angle the monument looks the most interesting :)

Address: Vologda, square on the Cathedral Hill near the Vologda Kremlin

Wooden mill
The wooden mill in the park on the Cathedral Hill of the children is wildly popular.

Shod bench
Shod bench "Let's sit-talking"
Forged bench "Let's sit and talk", a gift from the blacksmiths to the city.

Well, the guests of Vologda and Vologda residents are happily taking pictures on this bench.

As I understood, after the installation, a harmony and a collection of poems with lines were added later.

Chapel in honor of the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ
The chapel in honor of the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ is modern, consecrated on July 7, 2002.

Vologda, square on the Cathedral Hill.

Monument to St. Gerasim of Vologda
Monument to St. Gerasim of Vologda - the founder of Vologda.

October Square
October Square.
Escape from Hell
Escape from Hell
Monument to the feat of Devyatayev, who hijacked a German He-111 bomber and with other prisoners escaped from a concentration camp on Usedom island.

Among the ten brave men was Vladimir Sokolov from Vologda The monument was erected on May 6, 2010 in the October Square of Vologda.

Composition of animated characters
The composition of the animated characters in the October Square in Vologda. Two crocodiles standing on a turtle and frogs next to the tulips. Now you have seen, if not everything, then a lot.

Monument to the cat
Monument to the cat.
The grave of an unknown cat.

Monument to FG Volkov
Monument to FG Volkov - the founder of the first Russian professional theater (installed in 1973.
In the people - "Fedya" or "Man in tights".

Address: Yaroslavl, square "Vlasyevsky garden".

Monument to Alexander II
Monument to Alexander II in the square on Mukomolny.

Opened recently, on October 24, 2015 with the assistance of the Department of the Federal Court Bailiffs (timed to the 150th anniversary of the FSSP.

Entrance to the park of the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl
Entrance to the park of the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl.

Sculpture "Grief".

The fountain is already off, after all, October.

Bear with fish
The sculpture "Bear with fish" in the park of the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl. A gift to the city from Zurab Tseretely. Still, the bear is a symbol of Yaroslavl.


Avant-garde sculpture
Avant-garde sculpture in the park of the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl.

Demidov pillar
Demidov's pillar - was originally built in 1829 in honor of the founder of the first educational institution in the city (law school) Pavel Demidov, stood for just over a century and was destroyed in 1931 The new pillar was erected in 2005 on the model and likeness of the destroyed.

Yaroslavl, Chelyuskintsev Square.

"Spit" - a favorite place for walks of citizens and tourists.

Demidov Square
Demidov Square pleasant.

Former Platz-Front Square.

Monument to Lieutenant General F. M. Kharitonov
Monument to Lieutenant General F. M. Kharitonov - born in the Yaroslavl Province. The author of the monument is M. G. Manizer.

Walk of Fame
Alley of Glory (from Derunov Square to Eternal Fire and Volga.

Monument to General P.I. Batov
Monument to General PI Batov on the Walk of Fame, Rybinsk.

Monument to Admiral Ushakov
Monument to Ushakov (born in the Yaroslavl Province) - the invincible admiral on the boulevard of the same name.

Gold autumn
Gold autumn.

Tourist signs
Tourist signs.

City Park of Culture and Rest
City Park of Culture and Recreation (Sitzky Garden), Myshkin.

Even organized a pond.

Square with sculptures
Square with sculptures.
The decorative group Element-94, Vladimir, square on Oktyabrsky Avenue.

Flowerbed in the form of an open book
Flowerbed in the form of an open book near the bust of Gogol on the eponymous boulevard (Vladimir.

Cathedral Square
Cathedral Square.
Emperor Alexander II stood on a pedestal up to Lenin. It was established on July 5, 1925 (it was necessary to scratch how quickly!); In 1950, the original monument to sculptor A. L. Kotikhin was replaced by a similar work by sculptor Shilnikov.

The area until 1991 was called the Freedom Square.

Monument to Alexander Nevsky
Monument to Alexander Nevsky.

Wooden sculptures
Wooden sculptures in the background - the Church of the Resurrection of Christ (left) and the Temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (right).

Memorial to Suzdal fallen in the Great Patriotic War
Memorial to the Suzdalians who died in World War II - under a quadrangular white concrete vault with the dates "1941 - 1945" on a low pedestal lies a soldier's helmet, before which eternal fire burn. Opened on May 9, 1985.

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin in front of the Pskov State University. Address: Pskov, p Lenin, 2. Opened on November 10, 1960.

Kalevala Fountain
Kalevala Fountain.
Opus Kalevala, immortalized in stone (Elias Lonnrot Square).

Fountain in the Central Square on Lenin Avenue.

Gates of Tyutchevsky Square
Gates of Tyutchevsky Square.
The gates of Tyutchevsky Square are beautiful. Lanterns are also very pleasant.

Bust of Alexei Tolstoy
Bust of Alexei Konstantinovich Tolstoy in the Park-Museum named after him.

Partizan and bunnies
Partizan and bunnies. The park-museum named after A. Tolstoy, there are a lot of similar sculptures there.

Cashier Park Museum
Cashier Park Museum.
Here, too, guards the partisan. And cat.

Monument to the victims of Chernobyl
Monument to the victims of Chernobyl As conceived by the author is a globe with a diameter of almost 6 meters with a crack, next to it is a crippled tree. Bottom and inside the ball is highlighted in orange ligh The monument was opened on April 26, 2006, on the twentieth anniversary of the accident. Trees planted around symbolize the continuation of life.

Monument to V.I. Lenin
Monument in. I. Lenin in the eponymous square.

To my surprise it turned out that the most pleasant gardens and parks are in Smolensk and Bryansk.


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