Crimea, Feodosia. Part 1

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Feodosia — a city at southern coast of peninsula Crimea. Once there were factories: ship-repair, hosiery, tobacco, bakery and milk processing. But ukrainians have disorganised and destroy all. If at unit union handed over habitation having a rest now it is the basic earnings of the majority of Theodosians.

Let's go to city.

Green small street
Feodosia — very green city, as well as the majority southern.

Girls on quay — Crimea
Girls with inflatable mattresses on quay in Feodosia
Fountain-framework — Crimea

Amusing fountain in the form of a picture frame. Tourists, certainly, did not miss chance to be photographed.

Flower and elephant
Amusing, as though shaggy, a flower and elephant.

Rail-road station
Rail-road station and a monument to Lenin.

Railways and port cranes
Railways and port cranes.

Wattled Tour d'Eiffel
Wattled Tour d'Eiffel (Eiffel Tower), a number of little shops and hotels.

Court yard of a city museum
Court yard of a city museum

Cafe «Arcady»
And near museum there is cafe, styled likely antiquity.

Cafe «Arcady»

Griffins and caryatids
Griffins and caryatids.

Round pavilion with columns
Round pavilion with columns.

Round pavilion with columns

Unknown construction in the end of a breakwater.

Walking electropenalties
Walking electropenalties, excursions on a city.

Monument to Aivazovsky
Monument to Aivazovsky.

House with caryatids
House with caryatids and Aphrodite of Milo. Expensively-richly!

Here there was a fountain
Here there was a fountain.

Doubtful ornament of cafe reminding coffin.

Pass under railways
Pass on a beach under railways. Artfully so it is made.

Signboard: the Shish kebab house
Signboard: the Shish kebab house.

Saleswomen have a rest
Improvised rookery:)

Hand-made souvenirs from cockleshells
Hand-made souvenirs from cockleshells.

Signboard Fort Nox
Signboard Fort Nox. The idea of the author is vaguely read.

not to photograph
Tablet in hotel territory. Not to photograph and not to carry by with itself meal on a tray with a bag.

Number: UKR
Good number: UKR.


Private small houses


Built on floor

Street of Feodosia

Small house, Feodosia

Small house, Feodosia

Small house, Feodosia

Small house, Feodosia
Without windows, without doors — the ass of cucumbers is full.

Continuation: Crimea, Feodosia. A part 2


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