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Monreale — independent city, nowadays a part of Palermo. A city in a city. All has begun with a monastery, yes here and has expanded. In due course Palermo has expanded so that has absorbed Monreale entirely.

It is a little photos Monreale:
Panorama Monreale and Palermo
Panorama Monreale and Palermo. Monreale directly before us. And a chief town SicilyPalermo — in the distance and at the left at the sea.

We have gone purposefully — to look at the well-known Cathedral Monreale. The parking below at a monastery has appeared paid, to philosophise we did not become, though without problems it was possible to find a free place (for example at the cathedral on any of small streets).

Parking below at the monastery
Parking below at the monastery.

wer of a wall of the monastery benedictines
Tower of a wall of the monastery benedictines. As the medieval monastery respecting, and this has defensive fortification walls.

The way to a cathedral lay through a small street of gift shops.
Advertising vehicle before a cafe

ypical souvenir little shop
Typical souvenir little shop. In the Sicilian gift shops there are fantastic assortment.

Cathedral Monreale

Cathedral Monreale.

Statue of Maiden Maria on the square before the Monreale Cathedral
Statue of Maiden Maria on the square (Square V. Emanuele) before the Monreale Cathedral.

While the cathedral has been closed (because siesta), we have taken a walk on monastery territory.
Internal court yard of the monastery benedictines, Monreale
Internal court yard of a monastery benedictines, adjoining a cathedral.

In an internal court yard of unreal beauty lanterns. On the basis of 4 medallions. As I understand: King Wilhelm II, Maria Magdalina, the arms of Sicily and the arms of Monreale.

Drinking fountain / a washstand
Drinking fountain / a washstand, in the same place in an internal court yard of a monastery.

Between a monastery and breakage, is broken park with sculptures.
Parts of columns of the Greek temples, Monreale
At Cathedral building Monreale the columns broken out from antique temples and a plate were actively used. As I understand is just parts of columns.

the Vanguard sculpture, Monreale
Vanguard sculpture near to previous stone «wheel» (I assume — the rests of columns of antique temples). In the distance — a view on the city.

Fountain behind a monastery
Fountain behind a monastery.
Big tree

Big trees

Wall of a monastery and trees in park

Monument to the priest
Monument to the unknown priest. Its name is not known, its sermon is immortal.

Before a cathedral two statues:
Statue of King Wilhelm II presenting a cathedral to Maiden Maria
King Wilhelm II presents a cathedral.

Maria Magdaliny's Statue
To Maria Magdaline.

Let's go in a cathedral:
Cathedral Monreale, internal furniture Inside the Cathedral Monreale a mosaic large quantity: Shabby and New Precepts, lives of Apostles, the Christ the Almighty (in a cathedral apse, in the distance in this picture) and, for example, crowning by Wilhelm's Christ II (under whose instructions, accelerated tempo of all for 15 years, the cathedral and has been constructed) are described.

«In a cathedral Monreale gold mosaics shine monotonously to tiresomeness. Other paints seem muddy and dim, they do not know a sparkling for which it is necessary that light and a shade have been divided. Deathly images of the Christ and sacred in apses are visible from everywhere with intolerable distinctness. For some reason these worst samples of the Byzantian mosaic could draw time and again attention of the Russian people who were occupied with thought on national art and not having concepts about its original and great examples. These mosaics were pleasant to emperor Nikolay Pavlovichu, and they explain much in варварски motley and bulky compositions of Vasnetsova. The cathedral in Monreale clearly says that in the end of XII century the mosaic has become obsolete. It have ceased to understand and forced to draw duty of other art».
Pavel Murat, «Images of Italy».

Cathedral Monreale. Bodies, an apse
Bodies and huge mosaic the Christ the Almighty in a cathedral apse.

Statue of Madonna with Baby, the Cathedral Monreale
Statue of Madonna with Baby

Confessional, the Cathedral Monreale

Wheel with hand bells
The unknown device in the form of a wheel with hand bells.

Having examined a cathedral we left on the area.
Building of the society of invalids, Monreale
Office building on the area before the Monreale Cathedral (V. Emanuele) — National association of invalids and invalids of wars. At first I have thought that it city municipality.

Small street in Monreale
I can not pass by such small streets. A photo without a delicacy and the claim for artistry, as well as the majority in this post. A photo for memory.

Small street in Monreale
I was interested by church on the average plan. Apparently on a church dome an ancient beacon. In Russia such church is only on the Solovki — double appointment with a beacon over a dome.

Door and a muzzle
Amusing muzzle in a doorway. Appointment and sense to me are unknown. Evil spirits to frighten off, likely:)

Map of Monreale
Standard Sicilian city map which is in each big city. Cool, but not the readable. Moreover and on the sun it is healthy flashing.

Panoramas Monreale and Palermo:
Panorama Monreale and Palermo

Panorama Monreale and Palermo
On the right a number of small houses over a slope, in first of which a remarkable small cafe with such here a kind lasts. To cafe the imperceptible ladder on which it is necessary to go down and directly on a slope a small terrace conducts.

Monreale — as other planet. In Palermo everywhere garbage, Blacks. And here — cleanliness. Very pleasant small town with very interesting cathedral.

Let's sit down on a path, yes we will go home. Next day we will be going to Selinunt, Trapani and Eriche.


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