Monument to Peter I

Monument to Peter I photo - Townscape
30.11.2007  11:59

Monument Peter I. (Photo ancient enough). Now nearby have piled shopping centre, have brushed a bit nearby space. I will be in Voronezh — I will photograph.

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monuments  St.-Petersburg on an extent of two centuries from the moment of the basis was capital of the Russian empire, was its cultural, political centre. Monuments, sculptures and obelisks are dispersed on all city, concentrating, certainly, in the centre Petersburg. Separately: only Petersburg ... →


parks  Parks and gardens on a photo.


Peter I  First Russian emperor who has based Northern capital — St.-Petersburg. Won Northern war with Sweden, than promoted an exit of Russia to the sea and a gain of new territories, including primordially-Russian. One of the most charismatic persons, in the history of the Russian State. It is merits of the tsar are enormous.


Voronezh  Large industrial centre of Russia. City in european part of country.



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