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Series of photo «Kronverk» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 2 pix Pix Kronverk from trip.


Horseshoe defensive building originally constructed for protection fortresses St.-Petersburg from Birch island (nowadays Petrograd side). Has been at first surrounded by ditch and shaft which have partially remained. At present in a building the Artillery Museum in which court yard the technics of «War god» is collected settles down.

The architecture — with embrasures and loopholes reflects stylist tendencies — of second half XIX century the interiors containing the most valuable collections and military trophies, including Great Patriotic War relics Are of interest.

to the middle of a XIX-th century of Kronverk has been captured by bow-shaped park and the Kronverksky avenue. Regarding park the Zoo and in 1900 is placed th Under the project of architect G.I.Ljutsedarsky the National house (now the Planetarium there is located) is built.

In park nearby to an input in Peter and Paul Fortress, in 1911 the monument to heroism of Russian seamen of a torpedo boat «Guarding» (the torpedo boat history was a bit another, it is rather than reflected in a monument, but it at all does not belittle a crew feat) is established original.

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