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In gulf of Finland, on distance of 48 km from St.-Petersburg, settles down island Kotlin on which 1704 to year the emperor Peter the Great had been put a fortified city Kronstadt. Initially under construction as a sea advanced post, for protection of new capital — St.-Petersburg — practically right after its bases.

in Kronstadt more than 300 monuments of history, culture, technics. Unique hydraulic engineering and defensive works, fine buildings and ensembles, such as a fort of Kronshlot, a complex of provincial houses of the beginning of 18 centuries, Peter the Great first-ever self-drain channel-dock, the sample of a military camp of 18 centuries, Naval Cathedral other monuments draw of the beginning of 20 centuries in which building receptions of building of a temple of Sacred Sofia in Constantinople are used, and attention of numerous tourists.

in 1323-1617 the island Kotlin on which Kronstadt is located, served as border between Russia and Sweden. On February, 27th (on March, 9th) 1617 under the Stolbovsky peace treaty the island has departed to Swedes.

7 (18) May 1704 year the fortress has been consecrated and named by Kronshlot — Crown Castle.

7 (18) October 1723 year on island Kotlin, in solemn conditions, has taken place the bookmark Peter I fortresses Kronstadt, «… which would conclude in itself all city and all port constructions, and would serve defence business from different directions». Then also the city on island Kotlin has been named by Kronstadt that means «the Fortified city"or"Strengthened city».

With 1720 Krondshadt became the main naval base of the Baltic fleet.

on November, 2nd 1874 Mine officer the class and Mine school here have been founded. On February, 17th 1918 here from Revel there has been begun a transfer of the Baltic fleet («the Ice campaign»).

on February, 28th 1921 year the Kronstadt mutiny under the direction of S.Petrichenko suppressed by the Soviet armies under the direction of Michael Tukhachevsky and Trotsky with special cruelty. As wrote after S.Petrichenko later wrote:«Standing on a belt in blood of workers, bloody field marshal Trotsky the first has opened fire across revolutionary Kronstadt which has risen against sovereignty of communists for restoration of the original power of Councils».

In days of the Great Patriotic War of Ljuftvaffe regularly tried to break to a city in which port fire power of the Baltic fleet has been concentrated. On September, 23rd 1941 year the touch of Ljuftvaffe to Kronstadt which has become history as the Kronstadt battle has taken place and the battle ship"Marat"has been seriously damaged.

In 1993 to year the city has ceased to be the closed city — entrance to it for Russians and foreigners became free.

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