The most interesting and unusual sculptures in St. Petersburg

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There are a lot of various monuments and sculptures in St. Petersburg, I have selected only the most interesting ones. "Sculpture "Organizer"" ("Director") - a sculpture on Pravdy Street, opposite the St. Petersburg Institute of Cinema and Television. Sculptors Dmitry and Daniil Kaminkery.

Sculpture "Organizer"

Dog Gavryusha - a monument to the "Good Dog"

Dog Gavryusha - a monument to the "Good Dog", St. Petersburg, square on Pravdy street. Sculptor V. A. Sivakov, architect L. V. Domracheva. The sculpture "Blind" or "Lonely" by Dmitry Kaminker is located at the intersection of Sotsialisticheskaya and Pravda streets. There are a lot of interesting sculptures and art objects on Pravdy Street . Sculpture "Chimney sweep" on the wall of house No. 7 on Bolshaya Moskovskaya street. The sculpture was installed in October 2006. Sculptor A. Vasiliev, artists A. Shevardin, S. M. Simina. Bench-dachshund, Pushkarsky garden ( Petrograd side ). Sculpture of Ostap Bender on Italianskaya street near house No. 5 on pl. Arts.

Sculpture "Blind"

Sculpture "Chimney sweep"

Sculpture "Chimney sweep"

Bench-dachshund photo - Details

Sculpture of Ostap Bender photo - Details

Sculptor A.S. Charkin. Architect V. B. Bukhaev.
Installed on July 22, 2000 at the entrance to the Zolotoy Ostap restaurant (the establishment later changed several owners and names). Monument to the St. Petersburg photographer Opened on January 25, 2001 near the house at 54/3 Nevsky Prospekt. Sculptor B.A.Petrov. Architect L. V. Domracheva. Installed not far from the house where K.K.Bulla's photographic studio was located, it served as a prototype, but the statue is not a portrait, but a collective image of St. Petersburg photographers of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

Monument to the St. Petersburg photographer photo - Details

Arseny the cat photo - Details
There are two remarkable monuments on Malaya Sadovaya Street in St. Petersburg - Siberian and Ural cats, which were transferred by echelons to besieged Leningrad by order of the Supreme Command Headquarters. Two small monuments are dedicated to these cats - the cat Arseny and the cat Vasilisa.

kitty Vasilisa

Chkalov-on-tube photo - Details

Chkalov-on-pipe, Pionerskaya street, Petrogradskaya side. The sculpture is unusual in that it was installed without any approvals or permits. Yes, in the holy 90s it was a fun time.

Cat scientist photo - Details
The sculpture " Cat Scientist " in the courtyard of the house on Prospekt Prospekt 31 k1.

Sculpture of a lamplighter photo - St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
Sculpture of a lamplighter, open-air museum of lanterns, Odessa street.

Monument to the Water Delivery Man Photo - Everyday Life
Monument to the water distributor on the territory of the " Museum of Water ".

Photos of Hare Island - Details
Miniature sculpture of a hare near the Peter and Paul Fortress .

Photo Caryatids - Details
Mosaic caryatids at the entrance to the Small Academy of Arts in the Salt town.

Art object "Curb and border" photo - Details
Art object "Curb and border", intersection of Basseinaya and Varshavskaya streets.

Fountain and sculpture "Pomegranate tree" (courtyard near the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Catherine, Nevsky Prospect, 40-42B).

My collection lacks a sculpture by Joseph Schweik, a policeman, a St. Petersburg angel in the Izmailovsky Garden on the Fontanka, and a little something. Well, about Chizhik-Pyzhik, and so everyone knows.


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