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One of the most famous recreation areas in the center of St. Petersburg is the Field of Mars . At the beginning of the 18th century, on the site of the Field of Mars, there was a swampy swamp, from which two rivers flowed - Mya ( Moika ) and Krivushi ( Griboyedov Canal ). Peter I ordered the draining of this area, which at different times was called Bolshoi, and later Tsaritsyn Meadow, Promenade, at one time there was a Animal House (in the meadow, animals were hunted).

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Field of Mars from helicopter photo - Top views

Field of Mars from a helicopter.

Because from the time of Paul I to the revolution, there were constantly reviews of troops, then this place was called "Sahara" - it is understandable, the ground was trampled. Monument to A.V.Suvorov. The illustrious commander looks like an ancient Roman warrior in spite of the fashionable trends in sculpture of that time. On a high pedestal of pink granite, a gilded bronze shield is supported, supported by figures of Glory (sc. F.G. Gordeev). (s / s. M. I. Kozlovsky, architect A. N. Voronikhin, 1801). Among the people - "a savage in a skirt." Parade on the Champ de Mars, engraving by Benjamin Peterson, 1807. Initially, the monument to the Generalissimo was located on the Champ de Mars near the confluence of the Moika and Fontanka, but at the suggestion

Monument to Suvorov photo - Night city, St. Petersburg

Parade on the Champ de Mars, engraving by Benjamin Peterson, 1807

Carla Rossi, was moved closer to the Neva .

At that time, the people scoffed:
"Do not brag, sir, you are your watch parade,
Suvorov does not look, turning his back."

Another legend is connected with this monument: during the years of the blockade, Suvorov was not hidden like the Bronze Horseman or a monument to Lenin at the Finland Station and was not dismantled like the Klodt horses on the Anichkov bridge . Leningraders believed that as long as the generalissimo stood intact, the city would hold out. Similarly, two other illustrious commanders, Kutuzov and Barclay de Tolly, stood at the Kazan Cathedral, not covered .

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The eternal flame is, by the way, the first in the country. In the center of the field is the mass grave of those who died during the revolutions and the civil war.

In 1920-1923, large-scale landscaping works were carried out on the Champ de Mars and a park with flower beds was laid out. The Bolsheviks renamed everything that they could rename in Leningrad, the Field of Mars became the Square of the Victims of the Revolution. Back in the 70s and 80s, roses grew here and no one even thought of picking them. But the "holy 90s" came and all the roses were destroyed by crazy summer residents.
Field of Mars, flower bed (former Square of the Victims of the Revolution) early 30s

Anti-aircraft gun shot photo - Day of Heroes of Russia
Inspections of troops have not been held here since tsarist times, but somehow I was lucky enough to attend a military-historical reconstruction - a reflection of an air raid . On the day of the Airborne Forces
the paratroopers have a small rally and the laying of flowers at the eternal flame, no other events take place here, except that Navalny tried to hold a rally, and several times “snow battles” were held - massive snowball games.


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