Spring in St. Petersburg and suburbs

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Some photos of spring St. Petersburg and its suburbs, a small collection.
Neva Bank
Neva Bank near Naryshkin bastion of the PeterPaul Fortress.

Palace Embankment, Winter Palace

Palace Embankment, Winter Palace. View of the Winter Palace and the Palace Embankment from the Palace Bridge. Type of standard to beaten, there are more options: one and two.
Smolny Cathedral
Smolny Cathedral and red tulips in the square. By the way, you can go up to the belfry for a moderate fee and enjoy the views that are opening up (also hear about the sights that stretch below).
Fountain Pavlovsky Music Station
Fountain Pavlovsky Music Station, all that remains of the station.
Temple of Friendship
The Temple of Friendship is a pleasant pavilion in the style of classicism, built by Charles Cameron. A reciprocal gift from Pavel Petrovich and Maria Feodorovna to Catherine II, in gratitude for Pavlovsk lands.
Cast iron bridge
Pig-iron bridge through Slavyanka river. The creation of Karl Rossi, a nice small bridge with interesting grilles and vases.
Temple of Friendship
Temple of Friendship.
Temple of Friendship
Temple of Friendship.
Cast iron bridge
Cast iron bridge.

Pig-iron bridge through Slavyanka
Pig-iron bridge through Slavyanka river.
The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in memory of Emperor Paul I

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in memory of Emperor Paul I. Pavlovsk, Artillery Street, 2. A pleasant church of the beginning of the 20th century in the neo-Russian style.
Cathedral of St. Nicholas
Cathedral of St. Nicholas.
Sculpture and ruins
Sculpture and ruins. Ruins and statue near the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in memory of Emperor Paul I. The ruins, as I understand it, are the barracks of the 5th Battery of the Guards Mounted Artillery Brigade.
Sculpture and ruins
Sculpture and ruins.
Castle "Bip"
Castle "Bip". The ancient castle of the end of the XVIII century, similar to the medieval — the creation of the architect Vincenzo Brenna. During the Second World War, completely destroyed by fire, only the walls remaines. Castle "Bip" restored already in our days, at the beginning of the XXI century. Used as an “informal” meeting place for high-ranking officials of the city.
Neva, seagulls
Neva, seagull.
Panorama of the Pavlovsk Palace
Panorama of the Pavlovsk Palace.
Marly Pond and Marly Palace
Marly Pond and Marly Palace.

Sector Pond and Marly Palace
Sector Pond and Marly Palace.

Gothic church
Gothic church. The magnificently beautiful gothic church. I was surprised that inside it is ordinary — Russian Orthodox.
Anchors and ships
Anchors and ships. Anchors on the waterfront in Kronstadt. In the background is the training ship DKBF Perekop (number 200).
Spring panorama of the Neva
Spring panorama of the Neva. View of the Neva and St. Petersburg Fortress from the Trinity Bridge, the first polynya on the river.
Halo. The most unique natural phenomenon: halo. I was lucky that to see it.
Peter and Paul Cathedral
Peter and Paul Cathedral. Olgin pond and Peter and Paul Cathedral, Peterhof, St. Petersburg prospect.
Peterhof Lions
Peterhof Lions.
Arc. The perfect photo for Instagram: the diagonal, the pathos of the blunt composition, ass.
View of the Gulf of Finland
View of the Gulf of Finland.
The Russian Museum
Mikhailovsky Palace, now the State Russian Museum.


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