Voronezh — garden city

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Any more the first year in Voronezh have a holiday «Voronezh — garden city» and every year scale larger. In 2015 organizers were developed on all area before a concert hall and have arranged a huge holiday of colours and a crop.

Voronezh — garden city
Voronezh — garden city

Figures of bears

Bears so cute, the children did not miss possibility to embrace a bear.

Children on a green rhinoceros
Children have stuck round a green rhinoceros. Places have sufficed not to all.

Grass animals
Boy has tried to tear off a mammoth's canine. And could not.

Children's ship
For childrens there were many interesting.

Hay labyrinth
Children joyfully froliced in a hay labyrinth.

Hay labyrinth

Arms of Voronezh from apples
Arms of Voronezh from apples. Voronezh — agricultural capital of Chernozem region!

Voronezh, a view on a cinema Proletarian and Revolution prospectus
Voronezh, a view on cinema Proletarian and Revolution prospectus.

Perfectionism minute.

Huge flower from hay and flowers
Huge flower from hay and flowers enjoyed wide popularity.

Forged products
Except flowers and various gifts of nature were also forged products.

Fantastic characters from metal
Fantastic characters from metal.

Fountain and vegetables
Fountain and vegetables.



Flags of the countries-participants
Flags of the countries-participants of a holiday (and there were visitors from the different countries). The girl persistently tried to tear off a flag of Belarus.

Each state had a open-air stand. The national subjects, advertising of the country and its gifts is beaten.

Uzbek tent
Interested persons could throw with a national attire and sit down on tea drinking. People stood in a queue to be photographed in the Uzbek tent.

Armenian boy with a national drum
Armenian boy with a national drum and shaggy Caucasian mountains from greens.


Kazakhs was trade national caps.

Flag of Azerbaijan from flowers
Flag of Azerbaijan from flowers. This young lady a minimum of minutes 5 stood in such pose for photo.

Woman and a wattle fence
Certainly, were also our national russian motives.

On the area various installations have been chaotically scattered.

National suit

Water-melon with the cut out inscription «Voronezh — garden city»
Water-melon with the cut out inscription «Voronezh — garden city». Cool!

Entrance arch

Except compositions from flowers and agricultural production, there was tents with drinks, fast food and national kitchens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Ideal event for family rest .

At me everything, the report is finished!


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