Classicism in the cities of Russia

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In the compilation, I deliberately excluded the sights of St. Petersburg and Europe, leaving only the photo of classicism in architecture in the cities of Russia.

The building of the first gymnasium
The building of the first male gymnasium, the third Russian gymnasium in time, was opened in 1759. Architect M. E. Emelyanov. Among the gymnasium students of the first set, G. R. Derzhavin was accepted here.

Kazan, st. Karl Marx, 10.

House Likhachev

House of merchants Likhachev ( 1834, architect P. G. Pyatnitsky).

Kazan, Bolshaya Krasnaya Street, 15/9.

Bourgeois police building
Building petty bourgeois police, Voronezh, st. Karl Marx, 32. The building was built in 1825, there was a fire brigade with the police, so there is a fire tower above the building. The only surviving police building of the three, built in 1825.

Shopping malls
Trade rows - two symmetrical buildings on Lenin Square, Ryazan.

Tver State Museum
Tver State United Museum (Former real school, building of the end of the XVIII century).

Imperial Traveling Palace
The Imperial Traveling Palace is an architectural monument built in 1764-1766 according to the design of M. F. Kazakov, rebuilt by Karl Rossi at the beginning of the 19th century.

Now the palace is located Tver Regional Art Gallery.

Church of the Resurrection
The Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Three Confessors), that behind the Volga. Tver, nab. Afanasy Nikitin, 38. In front of the church there is a monument to Afanasy Nikitin, it can be seen if you look closely.

Church of 1731, in 1815 dopilennaya Karl Rossi.

House of State Counselor A. N. Levashov
House of State Counselor A. N. Levashov, built in 1829 in the Empire style. Vologda, Herzen Street, 37.

In Vologda, I first met wooden classicism (!)

Administration of Barnaul
Administration of Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 18. Former House of the Chief of the Altai Mining District - a monument of architecture of the first half of XIX, Russian classicism.

Triangular balconies cast a spell already raking pictures. For cats? :)

House of landowner D. P. Puzan-Puzyrevsky
The house of the landowner D.P. Puzan-Puzyrevsky is an architectural monument of the XIX century ( Vologda, Herzen st., 35), built in 1823.

Museum of pharmacy "Mountain pharmacy"

Museum of pharmacy "Mountain pharmacy", Barnaul, st. Polzunova, 42.

House Sokovikova
House Sokovikova
House of Archpriest Peter Vasilievich Vasilkovsky. Since 1867 - the house of merchant Ivan Mikhailovich Sokovikov. Built in the late 1830s - early 40s. Now - children's library.
Vologda, Soviet Ave., 20.

Wooden Mansion Ensemble with Walkways
The ensemble of wooden houses with walkways - Vologda, houses on Sovetsky Avenue 14, 16, 16a, 16b, 18, 20.

Pushkinskaya street
Pushkinskaya street
On the left - the Vologda Regional State Philharmonic (formerly the building of the nobility assembly, Lermontov str., 21), on the right - the Angler hotel, considered the most expensive in Vologda (Lermontov st., 23).

House Sveshnikov
House Sveshnikov (early XIX century), Vologda, Lenin Street, 2. Now it is one of the buildings of the city administration.

Provincial market
The provincial market is a historic building in the style of Stalinist classicism, it was opened in 1955.

The construction basis for the provincial market was the captured German aviation hangar, the author of the project is Peter Shcherbachev. Before becoming Gubernskiy, it was called "Kolkhoz" and "Covered".

Vologda State University
Vologda State University with such a funny kolkhoz portico :) Well, a little oblezshoe.

Garage management of the Sverdlovsk Railway
Garage management of the Sverdlovsk Railway, Yekaterinburg, ul. Bykov Brothers, 11. Pleasant old house in the style of classicism. To google would still have his story (on the move did not find).

Former manor Kharitonovs-Rastorguevs
Former manor Kharitonovs-Rastorguevs, buildings of the beginning of the XIX century in the style of classicism, Yekaterinburg, Karl Liebknecht street. In the manor itself in the USSR was the House of Pioneers, now the City Palace of Children and Youth "Giftedness and Technology".

The building of the former restaurant "Old Passage"
The building of the former restaurant "Old Passage"

Yaroslavl, st. Ushinsky, 2/1.

Manor Saltykov
Manor Saltykov, now it is building number 4 YarSU (Faculty of Economics).

Gostiny Dvor
Gostiny Dvor
The northern building of the so-called New Gostiny Dvor, built in 1813-1818. according to the project of the Yaroslavl provincial architect P. Ya. Pankov.

Yaroslavl, Pervomaiskaya Str., 5.

Rotunda Gostiny Dvor
Rotunda Gostiny Dvor, Yaroslavl, Pervomayskaya st., 12.

Manor Druzhenkova
Manor Druzhenkova
Manor of Yaroslavl merchants Druzhenkov. Such mudak signs should be banned, and assholes - fined.

Yaroslavl, street Sobinova, 47.

Manor Shapulins-Sorokins
Manor Shapulins-Sorokins, built in the XVIII century, in the XIX rebuilt. The building was recently in a ruined state. Well done that restored!

Yaroslavl, Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya St., 48 A.

Church of Praise at Mukomolny
Church of Praise at Mukomolny
The Church of the Praise of the Most Holy Theotokos of Dmitriyevsky Parish, in the people the Mother of God Church or the Church of the Praise at Mukomolny.

Yaroslavl, Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya Street, 41.

The building of the former grain exchange
The building of the former grain exchange is an architectural monument of federal significance, the building was built in the 19th century. During Soviet times, the Rybinsk River Station.

Fire Tower
Fire tower - built in 1912 on the site of burnt wooden, with a height of 48 meters is one of the highest in Russia. Rybinsk.

The author of the project is architect I. K. Hotin.

Transfiguration Cathedral
The Savior Transfiguration Cathedral, designed by the rector of the Academy of Fine Arts A. I. Melnikov, consecrated on June 29, 1851. Interestingly, the Belfry is older than the cathedral for half a century (built in 1797 - 1804 ), and at the expense of the peasant (S. M. Karpov, the village of Kochevka, Yaroslavsky district).

Rybinsk, Krestovaya Str., 2 (Cathedral Square).

Former home Serebryakov
Former home Serebryakov, the end of the XIX century. Now - Myshkinsky police department of the Uglich MO Ministry of Interior of Russia.

Kuhmister Vinogradov
Kuhmister Vinogradov, a monument of architecture of the XIX century. Myshkin.

There is even a rotunda on the Volga embankment in Myshkin! Well done what!

The main house of the estate P. E. Chistova
The main house of the estate P. Chistova, built in 1830-1850. Object of cultural heritage of federal significance.

Myshkin, Karl Liebknecht Street, 35.

Assumption Cathedral
Assumption Cathedral
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

Myshkin, Assumption Square, 1.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas
The Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Nikolsky), built in 1766 - 1769 (according to some data in 1764 ) at the expense of St. Petersburg merchant Alexander Petrovich Berezin. Home dominant of the city Myshkin.

Nikolsky Cathedral
St. Nicholas Cathedral (St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Cathedral) on the eponymous square.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Vladimir region
Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Vladimir region, Vladimir.

House of Zhinkin merchants
The house of merchants Zhinkin, built in 1813, a monument of urban planning and architecture. Nowadays - the Department of Internal Affairs of the Suzdal District.

Behind him on the left is a red brick building - a former female gymnasium.

Suzdal, st. Lenin, 65.

Rizopolozhensky monastery
Rizopolozhensky monastery. Rev. Bell tower - built in honor of the expulsion of Napoleon from Russia, at the beginning of the war of 1812, the Suzdalians decided that if this happens - to build the highest bell tower in the city.

Men's High School
Men's High School
Former male gymnasium, built in 1841. Nowadays - the city's children's art school (in Soviet times - the house of officers).

Vladimir, Bolshaya Moskovskaya street, 35.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Vladimir region
Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Vladimir region

View of the Assumption Cathedral and the building of the provincial offices
View of the Assumption Cathedral and the building of the provincial offices
View of the Assumption Cathedral (the main church of Vladimir-Suzdal Russia) and the building of provincial offices (built in 1790 by the design of architect K.I. Blanca, now the museum center "Chambers").

Vladimir, Bolshaya Moskovskaya street, 58.

Museum of the Black Sea Fleet
Museum of the Black Sea Fleet, Sevastopol, Lenin Street, 11.

Grafskaya Wharf
Count pier, Sevastopol. One of the symbols of the city.

Panorama of the Defense of Sevastopol
Panorama of the Defense of Sevastopol

Ryazan Regional Council
Ryazan Regional Council
The building of the Noble Assembly of the Ryazan Province (XIX century). On the facade of the coats of arms of the cities of the Ryazan province. In the 1920s, a cinema, then the Wedding Palace and the House of Officers. Since 1996 - the regional Duma.

Academy of Arts
Academy of Arts in Ufa. Address: Lenin Street, 14. A memorial plaque on the facade says that Shalyapin spoke here.

Mansion M. P. Arkhipova
Mansion MP Arkhipova, address: Chelyabinsk, st. Communes, 68/41.

Omsk gate
Omsk gate
Gate of the Omsk fortress. The fortification itself was disassembled as superfluous, only economic structures were left, and this is the gate. Yes, and they were dismantled stupid-headed Bolsheviks in 1936. Restored in 2011

Guns at the guardhouse
Guns at the guardhouse
The military registration and enlistment office is now in the historical building of the guardhouse, and guns of the 18th century are installed at the entrance.

Tobolsk Gate
Tobolsk Gate of the Omsk Fortress ( 1794 ). The only of the four gates, preserved to this day.

Omsk fortress
Omsk fortress
View of the Omsk Fortress from the Tukhachevsky Embankment, in the center - the Tobolsk Gate, a little to the left of them is the white building - Monetary storeroom, the red brick building on the right - the Overcast barn.

Smolensk Orthodox Gymnasium
Smolensk Orthodox School and the Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God ( 1729 ). Address: Smolensk, st. Sobolev, 1. Gymnasium "built" in the fortress wall, possibly in place of the breach. And I was surprised by two symmetrical bell towers.

The Church of St. Nicholas on the Hill "Golden Crosses"
The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker on the Hill "Golden Crosses" of the late XVII - early XVIII centuries.
Closed in 1930.
Recently, in 2015, it was transferred to the Vologda Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Vologda, st. Burmagin, 17.

Smolensk church
Smolensk Church (Church in the name of Our Lady of Smolensk) with a bell tower. Architectural styles are different, because the bell tower was built later, which was a frequent occurrence.

Suzdal, Lenin Street, 148a.

Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court
The Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court was erected in 1889 - 1896 by the project of architect V. N. Bryukhatov on the site of the dilapidated State Chamber. Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya St., 17.

Buildings on the classicism and their photos have accumulated quite a lot. A collection of attractions in Russia will be replenished.


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