Former Manor of Kharitonov-Rastorguyevs

Former Manor of Kharitonov-Rastorguyevs photo - Ekaterinburg
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12.08.2018  17:41

Former Manor of Kharitonovs-Rastorguyevs, building from the beginning of the XIX century in the classical style, Ekaterinburg, Karl Liebknecht Street. The House of Pioneers was in the manor itself in the USSR, now the City Palace of Children and Youth’s Creativity «Endowment and Technology».

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photo near Ekaterinburg
  • Sculpture «Territory of the Ascension Hill for 1936»
  • Temple-on-the-Blood
  • Former Manor of Kharitonov-Rastorguyevs
  • Monument to the Komsomol of the Ural
  • The house of A. A. Zotov and the mansion of the manufacturer I. I. Krukovsky

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