Omsk Gate

Omsk Gate photo - Omsk
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31.07.2018  13:22

Gates of the Omsk Fortress. The fortification itself was dismantled as useless, only economic structures were left and that gate. And those were dismantled by stupid Bolsheviks in 1936 year. Restored in 2011 year

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photo near Omsk
  • «Policeman»
  • Historic gate of Lubin`s Grove
  • Omsk Gate
  • Monument to the soldiers of the rule of law
  • Guns at the guardhouse

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arch  Archs. Bow-shaped overlapping which is a constructive detail of buildings, or simple an independent construction.


classicism  Classicism architecture and sculptures on a photo.


Omsk — sights and monuments on a photo. Omsk fortress, Irtysh enbankment, Siberian city views.



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