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The brick style appeared in the era of historicism at the end of the 19th century, having existed for 2-3 decades, it left many attractive buildings in different cities of Russia.


House ofI. Romanov
Profitable house of M. I. Semenov and I. I. Romanov
The building was built in 1900 - 1904.

Krasnoyarsk, Prospect Mira, 86.

The brick style is characterized by the absence of plaster, and the elements of the facade decoration are also made of bricks, not stucco/sculpture/bas-relief, as in previous architectural trends (classicism, < a href=" /">baroque etc.)

Former school
Former paramedic school, Krasnoyarsk, st. Karl Marx, 45. Building 1906, cultural heritage site.

Physician Society Pharmacy

Physician Society Pharmacy (1899 - 1901), now - city pharmacy number 1. Krasnoyarsk, Prospect Mira, 75.

Former women's/a gymnasium < >
Former women's gymnasium, now - KSPU (Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafiev). Krasnoyarsk, prospect Mira, 83.

Palkina's apartment building
Palkina's apartment building, Krasnoyarsk, Red Square, 17. At present - Office of the Civil Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.


Koshkin's House
Koshkin's House
House of construction contractor Koshkin, Kurgan, Tomina street, 77.

Danilushkin House
Danilushkin House (1892 built), Kurgan, Maksim Gorky Street, 170. Currently - the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology.

Vasiliev's house
House of Vasilievs, Kurgan, Sovetskaya street, 104 (former Noble). The famous Soviet poet Sergei Vasiliev was born in this house, as evidenced by a commemorative plaque on the facade. At present - the Gulliver Puppet Theater (one of the oldest puppet theaters, founded in 1943).

In this house in 1917 - 1920 the Kurgan Revolutionary Committee was located, and since the 30s - the territorial NKVD administration (basements were redesigned for cameras).

Trade shop, 1890s
Trading store, 1890, built in 1890. Kurgan, Sovetskaya street, 73.


Merchant mansions on Karl Marx street
Merchant mansions on Karl Marx street, Ufa. The first house was not found, the second - the residential building of L. A. Stepanov-Zorin.

Former house
Former house-mansion of the Platonovs (1904 - 1906 years of construction), Ufa, st. Tsyurupy, 38. Currently - the State Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan for Justice.

Shaminih's House
Former Shaminih House, Ufa, Karl Marx Street, 24.

M. N. Ostroumova's house

House of M. N. Ostroumovoy (left). Ufa, Karl Marx street 55 and 55a.

Police Department
Police Department
The Ufa Linear Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Russia for transport is located in a very kosher historical building, a very nice industrial/brick style (Address: Vokzalnaya st., 47A, Ufa).


Former Meat Passage
Former "Myasnoy Passage", Moskovskaya st., 85. The most beautiful building Penza!

Former Fish Passage
Former Rybny Passage (built in 1900s), currently Imperia shopping center. Penza, Moskovskaya st., 73.

It is interesting that in the Soviet years the building was completely closed from the side of the square. Lenin's movie screen, which sometimes even showed something. They say that it was this screen that saved the building from demolition, as it was believed that its architecture was discordant with the image of the main square of the socialist city.

Museum of Local Lore
Local History Museum, the former dormitory of the Diocesan School for Women. Penza, Krasnaya st., 73. Building of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

Mansion of the merchant Ivan Georgievich Martyshkin
Mansion of the merchant Ivan Georgievich Martyshkin, Penza, Krasnaya st., 72.


Former apartment building of the Cossack army
Former apartment building of the Cossack army, Chita, Butina street, building 1. Currently - the 3rd Department of the FSB of Russia.


Former Red Cross infirmary
Former Red Cross infirmary (1902 built), now - GAUZ "Children's Clinical Hospital of Ulan-Ude" (Modogoeva st., 1 building 1).

Most often, the brick style was used in industrial architecture, and there is even a separate definition: promarch, but it is quite general, although it is more often applied just to this architectural style.


Yaroslavl factory
Yaroslavl Distillery
The official date of the foundation of the Yaroslavl distillery is July 1 1901, this year is knocked out on the facade.

Yaroslavl Distillery

Yaroslavl, Sovetskaya st., 63.

St. Petersburg

The main station of St. Petersburg city ​​water pipelines
Main station of St. Petersburg city water pipelines. Water Tower - The Universe of Water Museum Complex.

The collection promarch through the cities of Russia I have a separate note.

Brick style is buildings from the 1890s - 1920s, which were replaced by constructivism, art deco, followed by functionalism and brutalism.


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