Kazan Cathedral (St. Petersburg)

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In 1799, by decree of Emperor Paul I, a competition was announced for the project of a new cathedral to replace the dilapidated Nativity of the Theotokos Church (1733).
Kazan Cathedral, 19th century postcard
Kazan Cathedral, 19th century postcard.
C. Cameron, P. Gonzaga, J. F. Thomas de Thomon and A. N. Voronikhin took part in the competition . At the request of Paul I, the temple was supposed to resemble St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. Initially, Charles Cameron's project was accepted by Paul I. But with the support of Count AS Stroganov, responsible for the construction, the work was entrusted to Andrei Nikiforovich Voronikhin. This decision was widely discussed in society, it was especially indicated that Voronikhin was a former serf of the Stroganovs.

Nevsky Prospekt helicopter photo - Aerial views
Nevsky Prospect from a helicopter, Kazan Cathedral is visible on the right. Because According to the canons of Orthodox architecture, the temple should be oriented from east to west, then Voronikhin designed it brilliantly: the cathedral was built sideways to Nevsky Prospect, and the “wings” of the colonnade are oriented towards the avenue. According to the original plan, a symmetrical colonnade was planned on the other side, but the architect refused it. And the right view from above and on the maps would turn out to be a "spider".

Kazan Cathedral photo - New Year

Panorama of the Kazan Cathedral. Cathedral to be built in 3 years, but in reality, the work spread out over 10 years, they were conducted in 1801 on the 1811 year. In connection with the victory in the war of 1812, they decided to make the temple a pantheon of those who died in battles. The cathedral kept the keys to all the cities taken by the Russian army, the captured banners of the Great Army and other trophies. For the construction of the cathedral, Voronikhin was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir, 4th degree.

"Funeral of M. I. Kutuzov", engraving by M. N. Vorobiev, 1814
"The funeral of M. I. Kutuzov", engraving by M. N. Vorobiev, 1814year. Behind the coffin were “detachments of troops, infantry and cavalry, and artillery with their guns. This procession continued ... from the Triumphal Gate across the Kalinkin Bridge to the Nikolsky Cathedral and from there ... to the Kazan Cathedral. All roads and streets were strewn with greenery, and in other places and flowers "(from the newspaper" Severnaya Pochta ").

Grave of Kutuzov
Grave of Kutuzov.

Later, in front of the cathedral, monuments to Kutuzov and Barclay de Tolly were erected. One legend is connected with these monuments: during the years of the blockade, they, like the monument to Suvorov on the Field of Mars, were not hidden like the Bronze Horseman or the monument to Lenin at the Finland Station and were not dismantled like the Klodt horses on the Anichkov bridge. ... Leningraders believed that as long as the commanders stood intact, the city would hold out. Monument to Kutuzov photo - St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
Monument to Kutuzov.

Interior decoration of the Kazan Cathedral
Interior decoration of the Kazan Cathedral.

In 1922, church valuables were seized, according to approximate data, about 2 tons of silver alone were seized from the temple. The unique silver iconostasis perished: the silver was melted down, and it disappeared without a trace. On January 25, 1932, it was closed, and on November 15, 1932, the Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism was opened in the building. Banners and trophies migrated to other museums of the city - the Suvorov Museum, the Artillery Museum.

Both the architect and the cathedral are immortalized on the Petrograd side in the Alexander Park

Andrey Nikiforovich Voronikhin
Andrey Nikiforovich Voronikhin, sculptural composition "Architects".

Kazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral, mini Petersburg model.


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