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Rochester Falls
Rochester Falls

Mountain Brabant

Mountain Brabant
New year I meet in Mauritius. From all trip with photos was poor.


Let's waltz!
Let's waltz! Palace Square, young ladies pose for a photo. Some days got poisoned by fumes from this shot:) And now I neigh.
1st of May, this year has stood out extremely successful — whole two cool photo!

Boy on a kick scooter
Boy on a kick scooter
Yalta, Crimea ours!

Sacred Vladimir's Church in Chersonese
Sacred Vladimir's Church in Chersonese. Crimea, Sevastopol.

Selfie with Romans
Selfie with Romans. Inexpressible good luck! The best photo for long time. Night of Museums, 7 epoch in Kronverk. Traditional march-throw of Romans to Palace Square.


Day Airborne. The best photographer in Russia Alexander Petrosyan walks on Palace Square. Abbey Road, in some approach:)

Big and small
Big and small. MAKS-2015, aviagroup from Latvia «Baltic bees» and radio-controlled model.


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