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The following point of our program at us had been planned a city Toledo — old capital Spain. With weather a little has not carried, to it photo sad (plus to that, for economy of a card, I removed not in RAW, and in jpg is became a fatal error). So, it is a little photo the most beautiful Toledo which has kept the medieval charm, even after a long and destructive siege of a city republicans during civil war in Spain.

On entrance we were met by pleasant church XIII-XIV of centuries.
Church of Santiago-del-Arrabal
Church of Santiago-del-Arrabal (spanish Iglesia de Santiago del Arrabal).

Belltower of church of Santiago-del-Arrabal
Belltower of church of Santiago-del-Arrabal (on the right). At the left the train of souvenir little shops was pulled.

Pass in the wall
Pass in the wall.

Little shop, show-window
Show-window of a little shop with the knight in an armour at an entrance. On a background — gate Puerta-del-salt.

Little shop, show-window
Little shop show-window. In Toledo in souvenir little shops the subjects of an armour and the Middle Ages are terribly popular.

Show-window of a little shop with the weapon
In souvenir little shops, except the medieval European weapon, the exotic come across also: Japanese katana and helmets a-la Lord of the Rings.

Jewish candlestick
The Jewish candlestick. The unexpected artefact has got built in in a stone blocks.

Ancient synagogue

Ancient synagogue
Ancient synagogue.

The square before the museum.

The same square, view in other side.

View to Toledo from an old city

View to Toledo from an old city
View to Toledo from an old city.

Index of the name of the square
In Toledo, as well as in other cities Spain, remarkable indexes of streets/squares. Well and a figure sacred (maiden Maria, probably). There are icons, and here — a small sculpture is more often.

Remarkable small lamps
Remarkable small street lanterns, I could not pass by.

Statue of Maiden Maria in bushes
Statue of Maiden Maria in bushes.


Gate of Puerta del Kambron
Gate of Puerta del Kambron (an appreciable structure with four turrets).

During a siege of a city republicans in 1936, cadets of school defended a city of 70 days. From this heroic defence by the slogan of nationalists there was «Alkasar does not capitulate».

View of Toledo
View of Toledo and cathedral.

View to Toledo
View to Toledo and cathedral.

Small street of Toledo
Small street of Toledo. Inclinations of streets there, of course, the infernal. And on a crude stone blocks and to go hard, and the car hardly clambers upwards, and стрёмно to move down downwards.

Toledo — very pleasant small town, with narrow small streets, dense medieval building, stone houses and a stone blocks on roads. I urgently recommend to visiting, it is a pity that to us with weather has not carried and photo left sad.


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