The most interesting and unusual sculptures and art objects in Russia. Part 10

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Sculpture "Girl with a Handbag"
The sculpture "Girl with a Handbag", the garden "Collective Labor".

Sculpture "Musician"

Sculpture "Musician", Chita, next to the Megapolis Youth Palace.

Sculpture "Pharaoh"
Sculpture "Pharaoh"
It’s hard to say what Pharaoh and Chita have to do with it, but oh well. The quarter “Partnership of the Polutov brothers”, the intersection of Tchaikovsky and Butin streets.

Sculpture "Stone Flower"
The sculpture "Stone Flower" on Lenin Square, Chita .

Tree and bridge of the newlyweds
Tree and bridge of the newlyweds, Chita, near the house on Tchaikovsky street, 4a.

Trailed plow "Worker"
Trailed plow "Worker" arr. 1954 and the foundation stone from Baikal in honor of the virgin lands. Chita, a square near the house on Leningradskaya street, 15a.

Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka
Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka are strange :) The sculpture in the park "The District House of Officers of the Russian Army".

Sculpture "Yoshkin cat"
Sculpture "Yoshkin cat", Chita, ODORA park. In 2016, a sculpture, an actor in the image of Vasya Kuzyakin from the film “Love and Pigeons”, was installed as a gift to fellow countryman actor Alexander Mikhailov.

The sculpture "Cossack and Bear"
The sculpture "Cossack and Bear", Chita, ODORA park. Probably the funniest and coolest sculpture of the city!

Sculpture "Hippo Cat"
Sculpture "Cat Hippopotamus", Chita, ODORA park. The cat sat on a bench in the park on June 10, 2013, the author of the sculpture is the Trans-Baikal sculptor Valery Bashirov. There is debate that this is a Pushkin cat scientist, the sculptor says that this is a collective image :)

Sculpture "Hippo Cat", the central alley of the park of the officers' house

This cat is very popular!

Separately: Chita, ODORA park (25 photos).

Art object "Cinema-bench"
The art object Cinema-bench, Chita, near the Udokan cinema.

Sculptural composition "The theater begins with a hanger"
The sculptural composition “Theater begins with a hanger”, Chita, at the entrance to the cinema “Udokan”.

The sculpture "Muse"
The sculpture "Muse" is also strange :)

Sculptural composition "Love and Fidelity"
Sculptural composition “Love and Fidelity”, Chita, square “Love and Fidelity”. open July 8, 2011 on Family Day. The sketch layout of the sculptural composition was created by Aram Grigoryan. Bronze sculpture was cast in China by the artist Jin Rongmin.

Sculptural composition "Cinema"
The sculptural composition "Cinema", Chita, near the cinema "Udokan" (it is in the background).


The sculpture "Youth of Buryatia"
The sculpture "Youth of Buryatia", Ulan-Ude, the intersection of Borsoev and Smolin streets. A 5-meter sculpture of a Buryat young man on horseback and with a falcon in his hands, made of gray granite, was installed on February 3, 2011, the author is a Buryat sculptor: A. M. Mironov.

Sculptural composition "Cranes"
The sculptural composition “Cranes” was opened on September 7, 2011 on the “Avenue of the Fathers” ( Ulan-Ude, Ranzhurov Street). Sculptor: A. Mironov - the same as the sculpture "Youth of Buryatia".

How the fountain no longer works.

The sculpture "Beauty of the Angara"
The sculpture "Beauty of the Angara" near the opera house . The composition is immortalized by the legends of the Buryat theater - Peter Abasheev and Larisa Sakhyanova. The sculpture was installed in 2000 .

Sculpture of a senior citizen
Sculpture of a senior citizen, Ulan-Ude, Chess Square at the living room.

Sculptural composition "Gift"
The sculptural composition "Gift", Ulan-Ude, Alexander Garden. Installed on September 6, 2017 . Posted by Chingis Mandaganov

Sculptural composition "Two seagulls - terns"
Sculptural composition "Two seagulls - terns"
Symbolizes love and respect for nature. Installed near the cinema "Erdem". Ulan-Ude, the pedestrian part of Lenin Street, the so-called "Arbat".

The sculpture was installed in 2004, sculptor: A. M. Mironov.

Fountain on the Arbat
Fountain on the Arbat .

Sculpture "Rod of the god of trade of Mercury and the cornucopia"
The sculpture "Rod of the god of trade of Mercury and the cornucopia" - symbolizes the emblem of the city of Ulan-Ude, author: A. M. Mironov.

The sculpture was opened on the "Buryat Arbat" in July 2004 in honor of the city.

Sculpture of Verkhneudinsky merchant Evsey Lukich
Sculpture of Verkhneudinsky merchant Evsey Lukich, opened May 26, 2014, sculptor: Yuri Erdineev.

One of the most interesting sculptures of Ulan-Ude .

Sculptural composition "Two Horsemen"
The sculptural composition "Two Horsemen", Ulan-Ude, near the Buryat Business Center (19B Borsoeva Street).

Sculptural composition "Student's tail"
The sculptural composition “Student tail” in front of the building of the BSAA (Buryat State Agricultural Academy). Donated to the Academy by the City Hall in 2012 . Perhaps the funniest sculpture of Ulan-Ude, like a Cossack with a bear; merchant Lukich.

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