The most interesting and unusual sculptures and art objects in Russia. Part 9

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Sculpture "Three whales"
The Three Whales sculpture in front of the FESKO Hall has a Three Whales monument by American sculptor Feiber. This sculpture is dedicated to real events - the rescue of whales by DVMP vessels - the icebreaker Admiral Makarov and the auxiliary vessel Vladimir Arsenyev off the coast of Alaska in 1988. The whale family was captured by ice, and was rescued by the coordinated actions of the crews of these vessels, paving the way for the whales to "clean water".

A monument was made from an old elm.

Sculpture "Remembering the sailor of foreign travel"

The sculpture "Remembering the sailor of foreign travel", Vladivostok, the intersection of Ocean Avenue and the street of Admiral Fokin. The idea of ​​the monument belongs to Ruslan Vakulik, and the residents of the Vladivostok community actively discussed the appearance of the future monument in social networks, as a result, the sailor is dressed in flared jeans, holds a shopping bag in his hand, and presses foreign vinyl to his chest. The statue was unveiled on January 15, 2013, in memory of the era of the 70-80s, about the first spirit of freedom that sailors from overseas brought from abroad.

The sailor and the name were given - Edik, in honor of one of the heroes of the novel by the seaside writer Lev Knyazev "Time to love."

The sketch of the monument was developed by artists Sergey Merenkov and Georgy Shiroglazov, the sculpture was created by the main artist of Vladivostok, the head of the design department of the city hall Pavel Shugurov.

Amur tiger bronze sculpture
Bronze sculpture of the Amur tiger.
The grinning sculpture of the Ussuri tiger stands near the Okean movie theater on 3 Naberezhnaya Street, at the foot of the Tigrovaya Sopka.

The authors are sculptors N.P. Montach and O.O. Kulesh, the sculpture was discovered in 1992.

Sculpture "Tigers"
The sculpture "Tigers" on the Sports Embankment of Vladivostok.

In the “birth certificate” of the cubs, “date and place of birth” - “September 27, 2013, Ussuri taiga” are indicated. The sculptural composition appeared on the initiative of the Amur branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

To return to Vladivostok, you need to rub the ears of the tigers. Of course I rubbed!

Sundial “Forever Together”
Sundial “Forever Together”, Vladivostok, embankment along Battery Street. Installed on September 15, 2013, the authors are Susanna Mazikina and Alexey Bazaikin.

Monument to the dog nicknamed "Ingus" border guard N. F. Karatsupy
Monument to the dog nicknamed "Ingus" border guard N. F. Karatsupy
Nikita Fedorovich Karatsupa (04/12/1910-18/11/1994) - Hero of the Soviet Union, colonel of the border service. He is famous for his raids against border violators, during which he used well-trained dogs. In the border troops since 1932. Since 1933, a guide, instructor of service dogs at border posts. Starting service on the border in Primorye, he and his dog, named Ingus (the original name is Hindu), became a real thunderstorm of enemies, detaining 467 intruders, destroying 129 spies and saboteurs, with honor leaving 120 combat clashes. At various times, Karatsupa had five dogs, and they all had one nickname. None of the Ingus was a purebred shepherd, and not one of them died his death - all died from battle wounds, in battles with saboteurs. The monument to the dog Ingus is located in Vladivostok at the Museum of Military Glory of the Pacific Border District.

Cabin of Mi-8T helicopter
Cabin of Mi-8T helicopter

Monument to Eleanor Lord Prey
Monument to Eleanor Lord Prey near the house number 41 on Svetlanskaya street. The house of this American, who lived in Vladivostok, was a little higher.

The sculpture "Neptune"
The sculpture "Neptune", Vladivostok, Admiral Square.

Monument to Solzhenitsyn
Monument to Solzhenitsyn. He arrived in Vladivostok when he returned to the USSR. Opened September 5, 2015.

Memorial sign in honor of hydrographic researchers of the Far Eastern seas

A memorial sign in honor of hydrographic researchers of the Far Eastern seas, opened in 1987 to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the hydrographic service in front of the building of the Primorsky branch of the Geographical Society. The bell is not just - it is the so-called lighthouse bell.

Art object "Primorye"
Art object "Primorye", Vladivostok, Admiral Square.

Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky
Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky with a quote from his song: "The closed port of Vladivostok is open." The most amazing thing is that Vysotsky’s songs are heard near the column’s monument!

Sculptural composition "Amur cubs"
Sculptural composition "Amur cubs".

Monument to the founders of judo
Monument to the founders of judo in Russia Vasily Oshchepkov and his Japanese teachers. Opened September 24, 2016.

Monument to the founder of judo in Russia


Menorah Fountain
Menorah Fountain, Station Square.

The sculpture "Migrants"
The sculpture "Migrants" on the forecourt of Birobidzhan. It was established in 2004 in memory of the first settlers who founded the Tikhonkaya station in 1912 (the name is from the surname of a resident and connoisseur of these places).

Treble clef
Treble clef, Birobidzhan, next to the Birobidzhan Regional Philharmonic.

Treble clef
Funny drawings on a pedestal from all four sides.

Sculpture "Two faces"
The sculpture "Two faces. "

Sculpture "Gentleman"
The sculpture "Gentleman" on the embankment of Bira.

Sculpture "Storks"
The sculpture "Storks" in the same place.

Decorative sculpture "Rabbi with a shofar"
Decorative sculpture "Rabbi with a Shofar" near the Birobidzhan synagogue. Installed in 2008. One of the coolest sculptures of the city!

Sculpture "Bayan player"
The sculpture "Bayan player" is also funny, Birobidzhan, Victory Square.

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