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In Chita, an excellent landscaped park ODORA ("District House of Officers of the Russian Army"). Favorite vacation spot Chitintsev.

Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka
Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka.

Monument to the Coast Guard Border Guards

Monument to the Coast Guard border guards. On the pedestal is the river border boat of project 1398, the code for the project “Stork”.

Sculptural composition "Mowgli and Bagheera"
The sculptural composition "Mowgli and Bagheera" is strange :)

Sculpture "Squirrel"
The sculpture "Squirrel" too :)

Copy of the 19th century arbor
A copy of the arbor of the XIX century, which was in the park to them. Zhukovsky (former name of the park). The gazebo is restored from archival photographs and is very similar to the original.

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin.

Sculpture "Yoshkin cat"
Sculpture "Yoshkin cat". In 2016, a sculpture, an actor in the image of Vasya Kuzyakin from the film “Love and Pigeons”, was installed as a gift to fellow countryman actor Alexander Mikhailov.

The sculpture "Cossack and Bear"
The sculpture "Cossack and Bear. " Probably the funniest and coolest sculpture of the city!

Monument to Military Pilots of Trans-Baikal Territory
Monument to military pilots of the Trans-Baikal Territory, a MiG-21 fighter is installed on a pedestal. Chita, ODORA park.

Sculpture "Hippo Cat"
The sculpture "Hippo Cat". The cat sat on a bench in the park on June 10, 2013, the author of the sculpture is the Trans-Baikal sculptor Valery Bashirov. There is debate that this is a Pushkin cat scientist, the sculptor says that this is a collective image :)

Sculpture "Hippo Cat", the central alley of the park of the officers' house

The cat is very popular!

Sculptural composition "Free jazz"
Sculptural composition "Free jazz". The sculpture was created in the framework of the project "Living Trees".

Stele to internationalist warriors

Stele to soldiers-internationalists.

Exposition of military equipment
Exposition of military equipment, Chita. The ODORA park has a large street exposition of tanks and artillery of different years, “Walk of Fame”.

Museum tanks in the open air
I would climb too small!

Artillery. In the foreground is the B-4 howitzer.

BM-13 Katyusha
BM-13 "Katyusha" on the chassis of the post-war ZiL.

Howitzer D-1
Howitzer D-1 1943.

Gun bs-3
BS-3 gun, 1944.

Gun D-44
Cannon D-44, 1946 release.


Heavy tanks IS-4 and IS-3
Heavy tanks IS-4 (left) and IS-3 (right). 1947 and 1945 years of release.

Museum tanks in the open air
The floating tank PT-76, followed by the self-propelled gun SU-100, then the tank T-34-85.

Artillery, ZiS-3 and ZiS-2.

Artillery of different years and calibers. To the right is the 1939 ZP-37 anti-aircraft gun, followed by the M-30 howitzer.

ODORA park is great, I really liked it. The only part of it was closed for reconstruction and there are no photos of other interesting sights of the park, for example, the Zhdun sculpture and a pleasant bridge across the Kaydalovka river. In addition to what I am interested in - sculptures and art objects, the park has children's playgrounds, attractions and street cafes.


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