The most interesting and unusual sculptures and art objects in Russia. Part 2

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"Lyubochka" - a monument to the wife of the Governor-General of Siberia G. Kh. Gasfort, Omsk, the intersection of Lenin and Karl Liebknecht streets.

Hollywood actor

Next to Van Gogh is the sculpture "Hollywood Actor".

Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh, it would seem, what does he have to do with it? But tourists and townspeople like it, so the girls are happily photographed with a cute little sculpture.

Locksmith Stepanych
Locksmith Stepanych - a monument to the plumber in Omsk at the intersection of Lenin and Karl Liebknecht streets. One of the coolest sculptures of Omsk !

Sculpture "City", Omsk, Lenin street.

Golden Marathon Runner
Sculpture "Golden Marathon Runner", Omsk, Red Way Street (almost opposite the Legislative Assembly ). It is unclear in what place it is gold, but oh well. The author sees so what to do.

The sculpture "Deer" ( Omsk ) in a park on the corner of Internatsionalnaya and Krasny Put.

Kids Feeding Penguins
Children feed the penguins, Omsk, Pioneer Square. Now you have seen, if not everything, then much.

Fireman at the post
Fireman on the post. The mannequin, of course, is more precisely a sculpture - the fireman Vasilich. The historic building of the fire tower with an unrealistically beautiful turret. Omsk, Internatsionalnaya St., 41, bldg. 2.

Tradeswoman and photographer
Tradeswoman and photographer.

The brave soldier Schweik

Monument to Joseph Schweik, sculpture at the house 5A on Karl Marx Avenue, Omsk.


Sculpture of a bear, Malo-Tobolskaya Street (Barnaul Arbat), Barnaul. Siberia, bears - everything is as it should be. And the bear uses the well-deserved love of the Barnaul children.


Don Quixote
Monument to Don Quixote. Obviously the surrounding business podsuetsilsya and ordered such a nice monument.

Stela to the Russian ruble
The stele of the Russian ruble stands on Oktyabrsky Avenue near the building of Sberbank (Serebrennikovskaya street, 20A).

Sculpture "Sable"
The architectural and artistic composition " Siberian Open spaces " (popularly known as " Sable "), Novosibirsk is the intersection of Krasniy Prospekt and the Oktyabrskaya Railway. Authors of the project: artist Yuri Burika, architects - Alexei Kovalenko, Evgeny Boyarischev.

Four carbon fiber sables hold the stylized dome of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater and a fragment of the first bridge across the Ob River.

Sculpture "Girl with a kitten"
And next to it is a tiny sculpture “ A Girl with a Kitten ”. Milota :)

Life of the peoples of the North
Funny sculptures in Pervomaisky Square - Life of the peoples of the North. In general, there are plenty of various small sculptural forms.

The Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower, 1905 street, next to houses 71 and 73.

Sculpture "Electrician"
Sculpture "Elektromonter", Novosibirsk, Shamshin family street (near the house number 80).

Sculpture "Electrician"

Sculpture "Vovka in the Far Far Away Kingdom"
The sculpture "Vovka in the Far Far Away", Novosibirsk, Krylova street, next to houses 61 and 61a.

Sculpture "Wise Owl"
The sculpture "The Wise Owl", Novosibirsk, Krylova street, next to the Economic Lyceum (house number 44).


Sculpture "The Wayfarers"
The sculpture "Travelers".

The sculpture "Conductor"
The sculpture "Conductor", of course - with a glass of tea.

Sculpture "Passengers"
The sculpture "Passengers" (" Thick and Thin "). The sculptures in front of the station were inspected not only by me :)

Sculpture "Woman with a Sledgehammer"
The sculpture "Woman with a Sledgehammer" ("The Sleeper ").

Sculpture "Station Warden"
The sculpture "Station Warden".

Beasts musicians
Funny beast musicians in the park at the intersection of Karl Liebknecht and Pervomaiskaya streets.

Sculpture "The steelworker is reading a newspaper"
The sculpture “The steelworker reads the newspaper ” near the estate of P. M. Utyakov (wooden house of the 1900s at Yekaterinburg, Klara Zetkin St., 1). Now the Sverdlovsk Union of Journalists ( House of Journalists ) is located in the house. Well, from the sculpture itself, I was very angry. I saw wooden Art Nouveau only once - in Kazan.

Monument to the Lumiere brothers
Monument to the Lumiere brothers in the square in front of the cinema "Cosmos", Yekaterinburg.
Monument to Louis Jean Lumiere and Auguste Louis Marie Mikol Lumiere, inventors of cinema, authors of the world's first films ( 1895 ).
The monument was unveiled on August 27, 2012 on the day of Soviet cinema.

The Mobius strip
Night version of Mobius Strip, Yekaterinburg, at the turn of Yakov Sverdlov Street in front of the Gazprom Transgaz business center.

To be continued!

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