The most interesting and unusual sculptures and art objects in Russia. Part 1

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By Russia I traveled quite a lot, a collection of photo sculptures, monuments and art objects accumulated solid.

St. Petersburg
Hare Island photo - Details
A small sculpture of a bunny near Hare Island, tourists throw coins at the paws of a small animal (it's difficult to get into autumn).

Caryatids Photos - Details

Caryatids at the Small Academy of Arts.

Monument to the battery
Monument to the battery on the wall of the Samara State District Power Plant, repeating the first batteries installed 150 years ago in the walls of the Samara Art Museum, decorated at that time in the style of modern. One of the most lamp monuments of Russia :)

Monument to the brewer
The sculptural composition "Samara Brewer", which appeared recently - December 28, 2017. Address: Samara, Volzhsky Prospect, 4.

Matryoshka Cosmonauts
Chic example of modern art: Matryoshka cosmonauts on the embankment in Samara.

Monument to Sukhov
Monument to Comrade Sukhov, a fictional movie hero from the movie "White Sun of the Desert".

Sculpture Barge haulers on the Volga
Sculpture "Barge haulers on the Volga".

Uncle Styopa Militiaman
"Uncle Styopa Militiaman" is a new monument, 2015, installed at the intersection of Leningradskaya and Molodogvardeyskaya streets, the author (surprisingly) - Zurab Tsereteli .

Dog at the feet of a policeman
Funny dog ​​at the feet :)

The estate of the merchant Chistova
Mouse King was a little tattered by time ... Myshkin.

Monument to the mouse

Monument to the mouse on Nikolskaya Street in Myshkin .

Fork with cheese and flower beds in the form of mice
Fork with cheese and beds in the form of mice.

Mouse at the Mouse Museum
Wooden mouse at the Museum of the Mouse .

Cats Normal addiction :) Well, why not.


Such a marten is funny, the animal is one of the symbols of Ufa .


Kirova Street in Chelyabinsk is completely pedestrian, and the most charm is all studded with a variety of small sculptures.

"The peasant and the law"
The sculpture "The Peasant and the Law" ("Walker") is located opposite the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region, the author is Konstantin Gilev. Illiterate peasant stupid in letters. There is a hole in the spine of the expanded book where people put their proposals on the legislative side, so that the sculpture has a practical purpose.

Sculpture Saxophonist .

The heading “find a cat” :)

Sculpture Fashionista or " Coquette with a Mirror " (by Alexander Zubov).

The heading “find a cat” 2 :)

Near the oasis
The sculpture "Near the Oasis" or " camel driver " (by Alexei Tishin), the symbol of Chelyabinsk is a camel, which is also depicted on the coat of arms of the city. Once upon a time, a great silk road passed through these lands. Guests of Kirovka put coins in the boy’s palm or pour seeds for birds and stroke a bronze bird sitting on his fingers.

Sculpture "Veteran" . The author is Maxim Salamasov. Grandfather is looking at a monument to volunteer tankers standing across from the Walk of Fame.

Shoe cleaner
Funny little sculpture " Shoe cleaner " - I love these.

The sculpture "Innkeeper" ("Prikazchik"). This is a fiasco that there is not a cafe, but a fabric store. Suckers, such a topic to shave .. If there was a cafe - it would be advertised for the whole country for free!

Ball in a cap
The sculpture "The ball in the cap . " Rumor claims to be in honor of the legendary footballer Lev Yashin, but there is an opinion that Luzhkov. In the background, the sculpture is Readers.

The sculpture "Beggar" .

Monument to the postman
It’s necessary how competently the Russian Post podsuetsilsya and at its branch (Main Post Office) on the street Kirova erected a monument to the postman ! Since the whole street is studded with sculptures, it’s a sin not to participate.

Sculpture "Artist" . And along the adjoining Marx Street, shopping malls are set up, which city authorities have done well!

Left handed
The sculpture "Lefty" personifies the image of the Ural craftsman. In 2007, Levsha’s vandals sawed off a hand with a magnifying glass, after restoration, instead of a magnifying glass, the usual one was inserted, which is now missing. The fleas were gradually torn off their paws, and then itself.

The sculpture "The Carrier" . Where is the horse ?! An electric car?

To be continued!

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