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Monument to railway revolutionaries
Monument to the revolutionary railway workers "on a new path."
Chelyabinsk, the intersection of Freedom and Russian streets.

Cherepanov steam locomotive

Cherepanov steam locomotive, conditional copy.
Chelyabinsk, Zwilling Street near the house 63.

The most interesting street in Chelyabinsk is Kirov, in the people - “Kirovka”.

Kirova street
Kirov Street in Chelyabinsk is completely pedestrian, and the most charming thing is the whole one is studded with various small sculptures.

Panorama of Kirov Street photo - Chelyabinsk

Monument to the policeman, Chelyabinsk, Kirov street. The arch at the entrance to Kirovka from the side of Revolution Square is a replica of the arch, which a hundred years ago met the residents and guests of the city at the entrance to the resettlement center.

"The Peasant and the Law"
The sculpture “Peasant and the Law” (“Walker”) is located opposite the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region, the author is Konstantin Gilev. An illiterate peasant tupit in small letters. In the back of the expanded book there is a hole where people put their proposals on the legislative part, so that the sculpture has a practical purpose.

Sculpture Saxophonist.

Category "find a cat" :)

Sculpture Fashionista or " Coquette with a mirror " (author Alexander Zubov).

Category "find a cat" 2 :)

Near the oasis
The sculpture “Near an oasis” or “camel driver” (by Alexey Tishin), the symbol of Chelyabinsk is a camel, which is also depicted on the city's coat of arms. Once the great silk road passed through these lands. Guests of Kirovka put coins in the palm of a boy or put seeds for birds and stroke a bronze bird sitting on his fingers.

Sculpture "Veteran". The author is Maxim Salamasov. The grandfather looks at the monument to volunteer tankers standing opposite on the Walk of Fame.

Shoe Cleaner

An amusing little sculpture " Shoe Cleaner " - I love these.

The sculpture "The Innkeeper" ("Prikazchik"). This is a fiasco, that there is not a cafe, but a fabric store.

Monument to soldiers-internationalists
The idea of ​​a monument to Rosenbaum belongs to Chelyabinsk Mayor Vyacheslav Tarasov, the sculpture was installed near the Military Commandant's Office and dedicated to all the internationalist soldiers, the plane - referring to the song "Black Tulip", as the planes that took out the dead in Afghanistan were called.

The author of the sculpture A. Kokteyev, the layout was made from photographs, moreover Rosenbaum personally made adjustments to the shape of the guitar.

Zodiac signs on the sidewalk.

Ball in the cap
Sculpture "Ball in the cap. " Rumor says that in honor of the legendary football player Lev Yashin, but it is believed that Luzhkov. In the background the sculpture is “Readers”.

Sculpture "Beggar".

Monument to the tank volunteers
Monument to volunteer tank crews, Chelyabinsk, Walk of Fame, adjacent to Kirov Street.

Monument to tank crews of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps, formed in 1943 from volunteers from the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Molotov regions. On May 9, 1943, after listening to the instructions of the residents of the Chelyabinsk region "not to drop the honor of the Urals people" and swearing to execute it, fighters and commanders of the 63rd volunteer tank brigade went to the battle sites from Meat Square.

Zero Mile
Zero mile, Chelyabinsk, Kirov street. On the high-rise Chelyabinsk-City in the background (st. Kirov, 159) it turns out there is an observation deck. Just found out.. We'll have to go back :)

Monument to the postman
It’s necessary how competently the Russian Post office has sneaked in and put a monument to the postman at Kirov’s office (Main Post Office) on Kirov Street! Since the whole street is covered with sculptures, it is a sin not to participate.

The author of the sculpture is Natalia Kulikova.

About bears
A young man was creeping around huge teddy bears past idle-loose people.

Sculpture "Artist". And on the adjoining Marx Street there are shopping arcades, which city authorities are great!

Sculpture "Artist"
I was not the only one to appreciate the artist :)

The author of the sculpture is Maxim Salamasov.

Akhmetov's mansion
Akhmetov's mansion, address: Chelyabinsk, Kirova Street, 147. An old two-storeyed house of the end of the 19th century ( 1878 ).

The text of the memorial plaque: “The two-storey mansion was built by the tradesman U. A. Akhmetov in 1878. A sample of a rich Ural merchant's house. On the first brick floor were located the stores owned haberdashery and household goods, as well as tea, coffee and sugar. On the second wooden floor, decorated in traditional Russian style, various carved rooms housed the living rooms. Monument of history and culture.

Although Uldan Akhmetovich Akhmetov is mentioned on the commemorative plaque, but on the research of the candidate of historical sciences Gayaz Khamitovich Samigulov, the building belonged to Zakir Galeyevich Galeyev.

The sculpture "Lefty" personifies the image of the Ural craftsman. In 2007, Levsha vandals sawed off his hand with a magnifying glass, after restoration, instead of a magnifying glass, the usual was inserted, which is not there now. The fleas gradually torn off their paws, and then themselves.

Sculpture "driver". Where is the horse ?! Electric car?

The author of the coachman’s sculpture, Igor Brunetkin, at this place, not far from the city duma, was the permitted parking of cabs.

Women of fashion
Sculpture Fashionista and a pair of young ladies :).

Street musicians
Grandma ridiculously got to me, they say: Oh! Do you have a professional camera? And take a picture of me!

She does not know how to use the Internet and mail, I left my phone, say your children / grandchildren will write their soap. So sms-ok and it was not :)

 TV Camera
Sculpture of local television company “OTV” — TV Camera.

Sculpture "Fireman".

Sculpture "The carriage and the page"
Sculpture "The coach and the page". Passersby are photographed at each sculpture :) For memory!

 The Fox and the Goose
The sculpture "Fox and Goose" at the entrance to the eponymous restaurant.

House of the Chelyabinsk merchant of the 2nd guild of V.P. Komoltsev
The carved wooden house of the Chelyabinsk merchant of the 2nd guild of V.P. Komoltsev (built in 1897 ).

Cast bench
Cast bench in the shape of a heart.

It is strange that he managed to miss a copy of the sculpture "Russia". The sculpture cast in 1896 in 1900 at the Paris World Exhibition in the Kasli Cast Iron Pavilion, which was visited by French President Emile Lubot, intended to buy a pavilion for the republic for a fabulous price for those times - two million rubles. The manager of the Kyshtym plants, P. M. Karpinsky, conveyed the consent of the owners to sell everything, except for the sculpture by N. A. Laveretsky "The bargaining was long, and the answer is one:" Russia "is not for sale!".

Monument to Prokofiev
Monument to Sergei Prokofiev, Chelyabinsk, Miass river embankment. Behind the composer is the Chelyabinsk Museum of Local Lore.

Monument to Stolypin
Monument to Peter Stolypin, in the background - the Hall of Organ and Chamber Music "Motherland".

In the Chelyabinsk region, the Panorama of the river Miass, Chelyabinsk


Mansion of M. P. Arkhipov
Mansion MP Arkhipova, address: Chelyabinsk, st. Communes, 68/41.

Gostiny Dvor
Gostiny Dvor, Chelyabinsk, Kommuny Street, 60 (intersection of Kommuny and Yelkin streets).

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin, Chelyabinsk, Revolution Square.

Square of ​​the Revolution
Square of the Revolution. On the left - Chelyabinsk State Drama Youth Theater, the hulk on the right - the Arbitration Court of the Chelyabinsk Region.

Tank heroes
Monument to the tank heroes, Chelyabinsk, Ovchinnikov Street, 4 (in the courtyard of school No. 53). In honor of the 96th Tank Brigade. Chelyabinsk Komsomol, which was formed here in 1942. By the way, in the original letters were golden. The trip was squandered. Tower post-war tank T-64.

Tale of the Urals
"The Tale of the Urals", a huge sculpture of a blacksmith at Privokzalnaya Square in Chelyabinsk. The inscription on the pedestal: "Ural!" The supporting edge of the state, its getter and blacksmith. "

Chelyabinsk station
Chelyabinsk railway station is modern and very well designed inside.

Locomotive at the station
The train at the station of Chelyabinsk, it feels like cardboard. In the background is the Smolensk Church.

Steam locomotive and tank
Not far from the station of Chelyabinsk there is a museum of railway transport and the monument The “steam locomotive and the tank”. Probably the most emblematic monument of the city. The T-64 tank and the 9P series locomotive tank (3200 units were built between 1935 and 1957 ).

Museum of Railway Engineering
Museum of railway technology near the station of Chelyabinsk. Sorry I was when it was already closed.

Cherepanov steam locomotive
Model of the Cherepanov locomotive in the museum of railway transport in Chelyabinsk.

Zero verst and the house of tradesman F. Semein
Zero milestone and the house of the philistine F. Semein. The house was probably built in 1902.

Wooden Bears
Carboniferous wooden bears, well, seen and funnier :D. But here, not too bad.

In general, Chelyabinsk pleased me. “Krovka” by the number of nishtyakov per square meter is generally gorgeous, I love small architectural forms.


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