The most interesting and unusual sculptures and art objects in Russia. Part 3

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Above the descent to the Kremlyovskaya station of the Kazan Metro, a metal sculpture of Zilant, a mythical dragon, is one of the symbols of the capital of Tatarstan. To the left is the fortress wall of the Kazan Kremlin and the Southwestern Round Tower (built in 1556–1562).

The sculptural composition "Trust"

The sculptural composition "Trust" is installed near the house number 6 on the street Profsoyuznaya, Kazan.

Art object "Horse Country"
At the beginning of Bauman Street before the exit from the Kremlyovskaya metro station, the Kon-Strana art object was installed. The newest composition, 2018, Yandex cards about him are not yet in the know.

Kazan cat
The sculpture "Kazan Cat" on Bauman Street, Kazan. The author is Igor Bashmakov.
For merits to the Fatherland Kazan cats brought to St. Petersburg by order of Catherine II.


Auto parts robot. The nearby car shop pinned :) well done! Voronezh.


Avant-garde modern sculpture "Bison", Ryazan, the intersection of Vokzalnaya street and Pervomaisky prospect.

Fireman on the Camera
A fireman’s mannequin is on duty at the tower.

Fountain "Elk"
Fountain "Elk", Ryazan, Lybedsky Boulevard.

Oleg Popov
Oleg Popov with a dog, a funny sculpture near the Ryazan circus on Lybedsky Boulevard.

Circus elephants
Of course there are Circus Elephants.

Scooter bear

And “Bear on a scooter” :) well done, that such sculptures of animals were circled on circus themes.

Shurik and Lidochka
Monument to Shurik and Lidochka from the movie "Operation Y".
Shurik and Lida are sitting on a bench and preparing for exams. Have a seat next!

Mushrooms with eyes
The sculpture "Mushrooms with eyes", the authors are the spouses Vasily and Polina Gorbunova, the personification of the saying "And here in Ryazan - mushrooms with eyes. They are eaten, they are looking”. Why are mushrooms with eyes in Ryazan? There is a version that during the Tatar-Mongol invasion, Russian combatants from trampled mushrooms learned about enemy intelligence. Platinum from all trips, I love such sculptures.

The sculpture was installed in the Lower City Garden (Drunken Park) on August 2, 2013, a gift to the city from the company “Sentinel”. It is very cool that the sculpture is also functional - a circular bench.

Piggy bank
A funny sculpture “ Piggy Bank” with a five-kopek coin on a patch is located near the building of Prio-Vneshtorgbank, Ryazan, ul. Yesenina, 82.

Elephant Fountain
The sculpture " Elephant ". Probably, when the lights were intact and there was a fountain, it was cool here. And now, like this.. And the funny thing is that he is in front of the Housing and Operational Administration No. 18 (Address: Ryazan, 9 Kuibyshevskoe Shosse).

Girl on the bench
The sculpture " Girl on the Bench ", reading a tablet. Ryazan, Münster Street, 2.

Double decker (literally "two-tier") bus brand Leyland release of the late 60's.

Mouse and cheese
Funny sculpture “ Mouse and cheese ”, Ryazan, near the hotel and restaurant complex “Old Town”.

Art object "Balloon"
In 1731, the clerk Kryakutnoy allegedly made the first balloon flight in history, which the composition is dedicated to.
Upper City Park (Natashin Park), Ryazan.


Family monument
Monument to the family. Intolerant Russia...
Installed recently, July 29, 2016 on Tverskaya Square.
As I understand it, these are real Tver residents.

The sculpture " Deer " on the Volga embankment in the City Garden. There were several such sculptures, but this one remained...

Sculpture "Fisherman"
The sculpture " Fisherman ", installed on May 11, 2016 and was immediately attacked by vandals... At the feet of the fisherman there is a small dog, but in its place there should be a cat !

The sculpture "Oscar"
The sculpture " Oscar " in front of the cinema "Star" ( Tver, embankment Stepan Razin, 1).
It would seem, what does the Oscar have to do with it?


Avant-garde sculptures in front of the Judicial Town

Avant-garde sculptures in front of the Judicial Town
Avant-garde sculptures in front of the Judicial Town. From the hay. Well, at least not from manure :)

Park sculpture in Novgorod detinets

Park sculpture in Novgorod detinets

Park sculpture in Novgorod detinets

Park sculpture on the territory of the Novgorod Kremlin
The sculptures on the territory of the Novgorod Kremlin are very funny, and most importantly - small.

The sculpture "Tired tourist"
The sculpture " Tired tourist " and tourists from China.

Sculpture "Elk"
Sculpture "Elk"

Art Object Novmartre
Art Object Novmartre : D is very cool! (at the entrance to the Novgorod Center for Contemporary Art, Bolshaya Moskovskaya St., 37/9).

Art object at the center of modern art
Funny character on stilts in the same place.

Sculpture "Monter and the cat"

Sculpture "Monter and the cat"
The sculpture " Monteret and the cat." Sobbed. I had to walk pretty well, but this is a diamond in my collection of urban sculptures from all trips around Russia ! Location: Polytechnic College of NovSU, 46 Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya ul. The monument merges with greenery and I had to look for it.

To be continued!

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