The most interesting and unusual sculptures and art objects in Russia. Part 5

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“Horse in apples”
With this horse I was very angry :) Small architectural form “Horse in apples”. Yaroslavl A young lady passing by, seeing me photographing, smiled. That would be more of this in the cities of Russia!

By installing the sculpture, the local authorities decided to remind the townspeople about the horse-drawn carriage yard, which used to exist nearby, on the Kotoroslnaya Embankment.

Bear with fish

The sculpture "Bear with fish" in the park of the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl. A gift to the city from Zurab Tsereteli . Still, the bear is a symbol of Yaroslavl.

Monument to the penny of 1612
Monument to the penny of 1612, the coin rests on the prong of the wall of the Yaroslavl Kremlin and the prong of the wall of the Moscow Kremlin. It was established in 2013 in memory of coins issued in Yaroslavl by the militia of Minin and Pozharsky.

The sculpture "Afonya". Eugene Leonov as the plasterer Kolya and Leonid Kuravlev as the plumber Borshchova (Afoni). The film was shot in Yaroslavl in 1975 . The monument captured the episode at the beginning of the film, where the characters of the comedy "well drunk". And the cat :3

Wolf from the cartoon "Once Upon a Time"
I met a similar wolf in Myshkin, Voronezh, Vladimir and Yaroslavl :) The heading "neither mind nor imagination."

Ukrainian Restaurant
Restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine, Selyuki meet at the entrance. And a sad cat ...

The assholes broke a cat's paw ...

Sculpture of a bull
A sculpture of a bull set by a nearby restaurant.

Symbol of Russia - the legend of Yaroslavl
Sculpture of a bear . “The symbol of Russia is the legend of Yaroslavl” - the inscription on the pedestal in the form of raw stone reads.

Yaroslavl, Restaurant "Pivovar" (Revolutionary passage, 14).


The sculptures near the Museum of the Soviet era ( Rybinsk ) are all feng shui: Lenin, working professions, gymnasts .

Sculptures near the Museum of the Soviet era, gymnasts

Sculptures near the Museum of the Soviet era, gymnasts

About Ilyich
Broken Ilyichs near the Museum of the Soviet era . Kaef, did not expect such a stumble.

Sculpture "Trawl" on the Rybinsk Embankment.

The statue of a barge hauler, established in 1977 on the embankment of Rybinsk . Later, the sculpture " Trawl " was set nearby.

Golden fish fountain and plumber sculpture
The Golden Fish fountain and the sculpture of a plumber in front of the Rybinsk water canal building (Volzhskaya embankment, 10). Moreover, the water utility was muddied for itself - it’s an internal courtyard of management, for my happiness - open.

Fountain "Goldfish"

Plumber sculpture


Umbrella and pharmacist
Sculpture of a pharmacist at the Old Pharmacy Museum (historical building of the pre-revolutionary pharmacy). Umbrella and bench are cool.

Vladimir, Georgievskaya street, 3.

Sculpture of the artist with an easel . Like in Chelyabinsk, a bourgeois artist is also in a beret.

Vladimir, lookout on Georgievskaya street. St. George's Street in Vladimir is the most interesting for nishtyaks in the form of small city sculptures. Almost like a “ Kirovka ” in Chelyabinsk .

Flowerbed double bass
Flowerbed double bass . The end of October and the flowerbed is withered. And in the summer there must have been beauty. There are excellent lanterns installed on Georgievskaya Street - attractive aesthetically pleasing and sufficient for lighting.

Drinking column
The drinking column is fantastic! Shod! For some reason, in the cities of Russia in the center there are none, but in Italy - everywhere. Well, there the climate is hotter, of course.

Horseshoe for good luck
Horseshoe for good luck, a bench of lovers near the Borodin Forge Museum.

Borodin Forge Museum

Sculpture " filler "

The area of ​​the city from the Golden Gate to Cathedral Square used to be called ш shalopaevka ’in the people, shopping malls nearby and hunted thieves. A filler - a detective, an agent of the Security Department or the Criminal Investigation Police in Russia at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, is watching a dope .

Sculpture " dumb ".

The sculpture " fireman ". In the background, near a part of the Ministry of Emergencies, a fire truck was installed on a pedestal.

Scientist cat
Cat scientist . And now the owl will get on the forehead :)

Vladimir cherry
Vladimir cherry - a symbol of the fertility of the Vladimir region, an abundance of prosperity and hospitality. The art object was installed in 2014 to commemorate the revival of the snow-white Vladimir gardens.

In the background is a water (observation) tower. In connection with the construction of the city water supply in 1868, this building was constructed according to the project of Carl Dill. In 1975, the exposition "Old Vladimir" was opened in the building - 3 floors of the exhibition, on the 4th floor - an observation deck.

Vladimir, Kozlov Val street, 14.

Monument to Provincial Actors
The sculptural composition " Lucky and Unlucky " (provincial actors), sculptor Igor Chernoglazov. Open for my arrival in September 2018 .

Vladimir, the theater square.

the Virgin Mary
Statue of the Virgin Mary near the Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Holy Rosary . A rare option in Russia - I have never seen such sculptures anywhere. In Italy and Spain - everywhere, in Russia - I stumbled for the first time.

Wolf and dog
A wolf and a dog from the animated film "Once upon a time there was a dog." The third option! I met similar ones in Myshkin and Yaroslavl .

Baba Yaga at the gift shop
Baba Yaga at the gift shop. The heading "catch the addict" :)

Sculptural replica of an old bicycle
Sculptural replica of an old bicycle and water carrier. Well done, the owners of the institution that decorate the streets this way. Well, self-promotion, of course, a bonus.

And another option is dumb, since this part of the street is called that. Again, a nearby institution fussed.

To be continued!

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