Sculpture Remembering a Sailing Ship

Sculpture Recollection of a sailor of foreign navigation photo - Vladivostok
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27.07.2019  06:31

Sculpture Remembering a Sailing Ship, Vladivostok, the intersection of Okeansky Prospekt and Admiral Fokin Street. The idea of ​​the monument belongs to Ruslan Vakulik, and the appearance of the future monument was actively discussed in social networks, as a result, the sailor is dressed in flared jeans and holds a shopping bag in his hand , foreign vinyl presses to his chest. The statue is open January 152013, in memory about eras 70-80s, about the first spirit of freedom that foreign sailors brought over the hill.

The sailor and name were given - Edik, in honor of one of the heroes of the novel by the seaside writer Leo Knyazev’s “Time to love.”

The sketch of the monument was developed by artists Sergey Merenkov and Georgy Shiroglazov, the sculpture was created by the main artist of Vladivostok, head of the design department of the city hall Pavel Shugurov.

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Vladivostok is the capital of Primorye, one of the largest cities in the Russian Far East.



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