Monument to the crew of the destroyer «Guarding»

In St. Petersburg, not far from the Gorkovskaya metro station, there is a unique monument to the Steregushchy destroyer. War with Japan 1904 - 1905 years Russia has lost, so the monuments to the heroes of that war is almost there. Fighting with a superior enemy squadron (4 destroyers and 2 cruisers), the crew of the "Guarding" allegedly made a decision to open the Kingston and flood the destroyer. This is a sculptor's fantasy; the Falcon-class destroyers did not have Kingstones, and the ship sank from the damage received. Of the entire crew (4 officers and 48 sailors), only 4 people survived.

Monument to "Guarding" photo - St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg

Opening of the monument to the destroyer "Guarding"
Opening of the monument to the destroyer "Guarding", 1911. The honor guard at the opening of the monument was the stoker of the 1st article Alexey Osinin - one of the four surviving sailors from the "Guarding".

The decision to erect a monument to this unprecedented feat was made immediately. The monument by sculptor KV Izenberga and architect AI von Gauguin (foundation calculations performed by prof. V. Sokolovsky, cast sculptural talented caster VZ Gavrilov) was inaugurated on 10 ( 23 ) On May 1911 the year in the presence of Emperor Nicholas II .

Monument to the destroyer "Guarding" photo - St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg

The monument was a decorative waterfall. Through a hidden system of pipes, water came here and flowed into the granite pool at the foot. In the early 1930s, pipes for supplying water to Kingston were brought to the back of the monument. The overall composition began to look more spectacular, but the water began to destroy the surface of the monument. Therefore, in 1935, the water supply was stopped. In 1947, the pipes were restored again, and their supply was finally stopped in 1971, at the same time the supply system was dismantled.


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