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Series of photo «monument to destroyer «Stereguschy»» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 3 pix Pix monument to destroyer «Stereguschy» from trip.


One of few monuments of Russian-Japanese war. Basically put chapels, and war has been lost also monuments to those battles very little. The legend is that that combating with a surpassing squadron of the opponent, the crew of destroyer «Stereguschy» has made decision to open valves and to flood a torpedo boat.

history was a little other. Two Russian destroyers have engaged with four Japanese destroyers (the last surpassed both in speed, and in arms). The command Most part was killed in battle, in which course of damage have received all four destroyers of the opponent. The damaged destroyer Japanese have tried to take on a tow, but soon after that the torpedo boat has sunk. Valves by the ships of type"Falcon"was not, to it of the fact of flooding by members of team it could not be simple.

Nevertheless it does not deny a feat of Russian seamen which even has amazed the opponent so that in Japan there is a monument to courage of Russian: stele from a black granite on which words are deduced: «That who more lives honoured the Native land».

Monument is most favourably shined by the sun in the morning, it is desirable for it to get till a dinner to area of the item of metro Gorkovskaya.

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