Repulse of airstrike
Repulse of airstrike

Field of Mars
Field of Mars

Notes in blog, seria «Mars field» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 2 pix

Mars field — the basic kernel of grandiose ensemble of the areas — and the gardens connected by streets and quays in uniform system with city centre. Mars field was no time fenny bog from which small rivers Mja (Moyka) and Krivushi (Griboedov`s channel followed). The adjoining district has started to accustom since first years of formation of a city. In 17101711 years on a place of existing manor of the former commandant of a fortress the Nienschanz has been created a garden and in it under the project Domeniko Trezini is built Peter I stone Summer palace. Peter I manor has soon been transformed — to magnificent palace park — Summer garden with numerous — marble sculptures and fountains water for which moved from the river Anonymous Erik which since then have received the name Fontanka. For district drainage channels have been dug: one of them connected Moyka with Fontanka and two channels dug in 17111715 years, Moykas — Swan on edge Summer garden and Red­, passing on the western border Mars field (it is filled up in the end of a XVIII-th century) lasted from Neva to ­. Its mouth had a parking of boats and «post yachts» (at that time approximately on a place Marble palace there was a — Post court yard first — in Petersburg).

Drained territory carrying consistently the names of the Promenade­, the Amusing field, Tsaritsyn meadows, and from the XIX-th century beginning — the Mars field­, was used for carrying out of various festivals and military reviews.

in 1740 th years F.-B.Rastrelli has constructed on coast Moykas, on that place where nowadays is Engineering Castle (Mihajlovsky), a so-called Third Summer palace. In second half of XVIII-th century on Tsaritsyn to a meadow there were воздвигнуты Marble palace with the office — case, houses Betsky and Saltykova, the Main drugstore and other buildings. summer garden has been separated by a fencing from the Neva quay­.

Elizabeth Petrovny`s summer palace. M.I.Mahaev (1756)

In 1796 to year by order of Pavel I the Third Summer palace have taken down and on its place under the project architect V.I.Bazhenov has started to build a building Mihajlovsky Castle which from different directions has been surrounded by channels (later — are filled up). On Mars field there were monuments to A. V.Suvorov ­ and P.A.Rumjantsevu, last of which is transferred in 1818 to year on Vasilevsky island, and the first — will move to Neva, on the area which has received a name of Suvorov.

Mars field. B.Patersen. 1801

After Patriotic war 1812 year To. And. Росси has re-planned all area adjoining from the south to the Mars field, has continued to a field Garden street and has erected a grandiose building of the Mihajlovsky palace (nowadays Russian museum), having arranged it in the heart of landscape park. Changes in a district lay-out have caused a construction of bridges through Fontanka, Moyka and the Swan channel, and also pavilion-landing stage in the Mihajlovsky garden. Then V.P.Stasov has reconstructed and has connected in a uniform complex ancient buildings of court stables on coast Moykas and has erected barracks of the Pavlovsk regiment. The works carried out with the big scope have changed area, having connected together ensembles Mars field, Mihajlovsky Castle, Mihajlovsky — palace and Konjushennoj of the area, having connected them to Nevsky prospect.

On a place murders «narodovolcy» in 1881 to year Alexander II «Revivals the temple has been erected to blood» (Has rescued-on-blood), designed in falsely Russian style; majolica which bulbs recover the Mars field landscape.

consecration of a temple of Revival Christ`s. Religious procession from building South side. 1907

Definitive kind Mars field has got after revolutions when from a dusty parade-ground for military exercises it under the project of architect I.A.Fomina has turned in ground park with an unprecedented monument to fighters of revolution. The made decision has saved up and has enriched dominating character valuable perimeter building and adjoining — green files. And the present lanterns designed Bryullov Alexander Pavlovichem, initially stood on Blagoveshchensk to the bridge.

Mars field, a bed (the former square Victims of Revolution) the beginning 30

So the Mars field has passed a way: a bog, a meadow, a dusty parade-ground (for what in the end of a XIX-th century it also named -"sugar"), park ensemble.


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